Inserting graphic images in photo slot..Blurry

Every graphic image I insert into a photo slot is alway blurry …See attachment.
How can this be corrected?
Desktop version.



I haven’t had that issue.

What does the original file look like Roy? Can you post it here?

Yes! but they all come out blurry.
See attached.

I have noticed that and find some work better than others. I delete the blurry ones.

Yeah it just depends on the original text in the image on how it’ll scale. They do much better on 2 across too. I’ve been driving home all day Roy but will check that one out when I get back in a few hours. Make sure you’re on Mac photo quality in HIP too.

Here’s a version reduced by Photoshop. It’s a little clearer, but not much. This is the best that it could possibly be though. The solution is actually to remake the image with larger text. The text is small to start with, and then it gets reduced to this to fit into the report.

child-safety-stairs (1).jpg

I don’t have a MAC?
Where do I find this?

Sorry, that was an auto correct on my phone. That should have said MAX photo quality. Go to Report Settings->Options->Photos to set your quality to the max.

I have it set at 3 .
See attachment


They look better at 2 across…with the photo quality at 3.
But I like 3 across.

Roy did you down load the high resolution available?

I believe so.

Try the high resolution for the site Normally you have to go down the page to down load it . I hope this clear for you i wouldn’t Linas correcting me lol

It doesn’t download it for me is just opens it up in another tab.

Understood. It’s a limitation of how small the text is in the image itself. There’s really nothing HIP can do about it. Try inserting the version I posted from Photoshop and tell me if it looks better.

What is the optimal size and resolution to properly insert a graphics image prior to inserting them into HIP?
Let’s follow up on the HIP forum.
I posted the same thing there.

Sounds good

So what was it?