Inside a chimney

IMG_0018.JPG HVAC system chimney with a cap.

IMG_0019.JPG Repairs on the masonry crown needed - no biggy.

Shot a digital picture down the flue. Didn’t look right.

IMG_0029.JPG Reached down. A chunk of the flue in my hand.

IMG_0033.JPG Bricks and mortar visible from inside of flue.

Major defect. I love flue shots. (Chimney flue shots - that is). :slight_smile:



Great shots. . .

Here is mine from yesterday


Broken damper,cracked clay liner,fallen dish,no pest screen

Which one of you guys did I get this from (I love it?)

Recommendation: Video-scan by a Certified Chimney Specialist before closing escrow.

It is impossible for a home inspection to determine with any degree of certainty whether the flue is free of defects. In accordance with recommendations made by the National Fire Prevention Association to have all chimneys inspected before buying a home, you should consider having a Certified Chimney Specialist conduct a Level II inspection of the chimney flue prior to close of escrow.
A Level II inspection is very comprehensive and can better determine the condition of the flue than can a limited generalist inspection or a Level I chimney inspection.

I was hoping they just did crap crowns (called “chimney caps” here) in my areas of inspection. When I explain to a client that is not the better way to finish off a chimney top to shed water and be more durable, I try to find a good example of a full concrete, reinforced crown in the neighbour hood…many times I can’t find even 1 good example within eyesight!!!


A few crappy ones around here too!






Marcel :):smiley:

IMG_0068.JPG Owner states, “New liner pipe.”

IMG_0069.JPG Sealed. So, I stick my camera under the cap.

Looks okay.

IMG_0074.JPG But zoom the lens, and see a kink/collapse/restriction in the pipe. Defect!

I love these flue shots! :slight_smile:


I wonder if that black bituminous looking sealant at the pipe/chimney joint is fireproof and approved for this use???

The nice man at the Orange Box said it was OK.


Those continuing education credits don’t count Marcel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s one of mine:

Doele060707 001 (Small) (2).jpg

Doele060707 002 (Small).jpg

Doele060707 003 (Small).jpg

Doele060707 004 (Small).jpg

That is real bad Larry, nice pics. :):smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile:

that one needs a little caulk Larry…