Inspect and Protect... don't do another inspection without reading this book!


Just kidding. Just thinking about people coming to a screeching halt and cancelling inspections. :smiley:

Do we get 1 CEU for reading it?

that’s the boldest idea you’ve had since proposing to (whatever voluptuous female it was) on the message board.

Voluptuous! :cool:

Thanks Keith! That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in days! :wink:

well it is Christmas and Keith has his happy hat on

That little guy is soooo cute!

Many people have written to thank me for writing Inspect and Protect, but it was actually Nick Gromicko’s idea, which is why I give him the credit that he deserves at the beginning of the book. It was Nick’s idea for me to become a report-writing consultant for NACHI, Nick’s idea for me to create NACHI’s Manual for a Happy Home, and Nick’s idea for me to write Inspect and Protect as a NACHI protocol for avoiding litigation. This is how he envisioned both books would work.

Inspect and Protect would alert inspectors to the very real threat that litigation poses to their livelihoods through the direct presentation of actual case histories. It would also reveal the many ways in which litigation can be avoided. There are literally hundreds of ways of avoiding litigation, and most are quite simple, as the book explains. However, one of the best ways is by educating clients about their homes and properties. And this can be accomplished by including a copy of Manual for a Happy Home with every inspection report. In its simplest form, the manual can be regarded as a thoughtful housewarming gift, but it can also be referenced specifically and become an integral part of a report. Remember, if you take the time to educate and caution your clients about what is likely to be their most expensive investment you will have laid the foundation of a defense against frivolous litigation.