Inspecting Appliances

We all test dishwashers in this market Kenton, unless there is candy in them, we seem to be less afriad of a little water than some in the Pacific northwest.:stuck_out_tongue:

If I pull something off the wall, I write it up as not installed correctly.:wink:

Same with P-Lam countertops.:slight_smile:

Do you have a cut-off age, like 20 years old or so? Mine had been in a rental for a long time and was old.

No, and I have had a leaker or two.

I washed the manuals once.

I flooded a few floors.
I don’t see it as my problem. That is what I am there for.
There are disclosure requirements if they don’t work.
That is what liability insurance is about, just in case.

I had the fill spout blow off of the whirlpool tub in a $1.3 new construction. Just notify the contractor to clean it up before it damages something.
I got my second shower when I was getting in my truck and the sprinkler system came on. Two baths in one day and it wasn’t Saturday yet! :slight_smile:

I (and my clients) loved the NACHI Bean Bag Microwave Tester from last year.

One of my clients liked it so much she ran off with it.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m with Kenton…I check everything else but not the dishwasher–and disclaim it for the reason Kenton suggested.

I check for physical appeareace, seals (sort of), evidence of leaks, high-loop and air valve–but I don’t run it. Too much chance of leaks. I explain to the client that if it has problems, the seller probably knows it and it would be in the disclosure. If it hasn’t been disclosed, and there is good reason why the seller should have known about it, the seller bears responsibility.

If the unit leaks there would likely be evidence of that on the floor around it.

Why is checking the dishwasher different than checking a 20 year old gas furnace in the summer? One may leak, the other may…well…you know.

I’ve found many dishwashers that leak at various places. I wrote up that the dishwasher leaked and needed repair/replacement.

I set my laptop in the kitchen and enter the HI report results there throughout the inspection, if the dishwasher leaks I will generally see it and turn off the dishwasher.

It is not like dishwashers hold that much water. I’ve spilled larger beers.:stuck_out_tongue:

Refrigerator-If there is beer I drink it & tell them if it is cold enough.:mrgreen:

Just kidding!!!

Stove- If is gas I check to see if the shut off & flex connector are exceptable.
The older uncoated brass is a concern. Check temperature of oven & test range hood or exhaust hood. Always leave oven door slightly open to remeber to shut off. No need to burn down the house.

Built in dishwasher- Check for air gap & run through cycle & almost always forget to come back at end of cycle & see if it leaks. I know leave my coat by dishwasher so I remenber to check.

Referigerator-Test icemakers if built in, seals & temp. If unplugged explain that it takes 24 hours to reach proper cooling temperature. Will see if receptacle is grounded if possible.

Disposal- Check operation, electrical & how the plumbing is installed. Explain to use ice & citrus to keep sharpe & clean(Like me):mrgreen:

Dryer- Check if gas or electric, check dryer vent, Run to see if it heats.

Washer- Check hose connections-recommend as an improvement to use the metal braided lines instead of the rubber that bursts.

I always ask to see if appliances are staying if not I will not test.

Sprinkling systems- I show zone controls - main control box. Check plumbing at main where it usually splits. Look for back flow connector.
Tell client if not familiar with system havea specialist explain & winterize system.

I actually had a realtor call me for a basement leak. It was from the sprinkler head being directed on the wall.

Thanks for your time


Warning: After testing the gas burners at the range and popping the popcorn DO NOT touch the Stainless Steel microwave handle, it will burn you!

Seriously I do put the burn caution in reports for unattened burners in this configuration.

The popcorn gets everyones attention during the inspection and cheap muchies usually gets the buyers to do the 1st beer run, so what if it’s 8:31 am.

What if the appliances are MAYTAG should we inspect them? Or should we just leave them for The MAYTAG Man?

I don’t get it, we are HI what do appliances have to do with a home inspection? Apart from the water leaks from connections I will not inspect them.

Good one Joe!!

…and after I mop, vacume, dust the furniture, test the coffee-maker, the stapler and drink whatever beer’s in the fridge, I…