Recent inspection

This last inspection was some what frustrating & thought I would share with other inspectors as I know you have similar circumstances.

We just recently had a snowfall of about 6 inches.

The home was vacant & I typically arrive 30-45 minutes early to map the exterior.

The Realtor showed up early and this was the first time I have met him.

He stated several times during the inspection that he has been in real estate over 30 years.

While we were outside introducing ourselves I mentioned that the roof and numerous exterior components could not be evaluated.

I mentioned in best interest to my/his client that they obtain roof information/documentation from the seller. He stated the roof was 5 years old. I stated it looks like a ski slope & I can not evaluate a snow covered roof.

The Realtor then stated that the weather is to clear in a few days & I should come back to inspect. (For free of course) I told him that I would have to charge for the re inspection. (He was frustrated by my comments)

I then proceeded to inspect the garage & portion of the interior when my client arrived about 30 minutes late. (I am always early & on time why cant people be on time or call if they are running late)

The client is a nervous Nelly type.

They want to know why I am not inspecting the refrigerator. I told them the doors are open & it is unplugged. Takes 12-24 hours to obtain optimum cooling temperatures.

Then we get to the living room.

Skylights with evidence of moisture staining. Nervous Nelly is freaking out.

I state that it is common for condensation or leakage. May need the flashing/curb sealed.

Fireplace door falls off, damper being held in place with a wire and the gas was not on when I went to light.

Realtor is freaking out that I need to go in the basement & turn on the gas.
I stated that my inspection is readily accessible & document needs to be evaluated.

So they Realtor & clients son go in the basement & supposedly turn on the gas. As I continue the inspection through out the interior. The client could not follow along due to health.

As we go by the fireplace Realtor insists I try fireplace. Still no gas.
(When I go in the basement they turned the gas off)

We get to master bath and the shower pan backs up with 2-3 inches of standing water. Realtor tells clients son to get a plunger. (Trap leaked in the basement) Whirlpool does not operate and no GFCI. Realtor freaking out calls an electrician. (He arrives when I get done, I ask him while he is her can he give an estimate on the RP & OG in garage. He states he is only here for the tub) I wouldn’t hire this guy to connect speaker wire. I actually know the guy from playing softball)

Basement leaks

Reviewing inspection with client. Home has older water heater & A/C and some appliances. I state about a Home warranty. Realtor freaks out.

Client states she would like to have a fence installed.

I state to obtain permits, hire a quality contractor(Not like the Realtors electrician) and to get a survey. Realtor freaks out and says you do not need a survey.

There were other issues as well.

Have an ispection set for Monday, wait they called & changed to Tuesday due to utilities. This realtor states to have the inspector de winterize the house as they often do this. (I dont) (This guy called 2 weeks ago and I suggested he gets the utilities on for the inspection.

Did inspection 2nd of January. No one showed due to snow but me.
Was for realtors out of town brother.

Home had 18 year old water heater/A/C/Appliances & furnace.
No recent records of service for furnace. The furnace & water heater operated properly and I suggested to have a sytem check performed before closing or have proof of recent documentation and a Home Warranty if concerned about the age of appliances.

Realtor gave my number to seller as her brother wants either new sytems, or a home warranty. I told the selling agent that the systems operated and that asking for new systems is not required by seller. I explained having a 77-125 dollar system check is not unreasonable or discussing a Home warranty.

These are the people that call belly achin that there furnace, water heater or air doesnt work. (I dont have a crystal ball)

Thanks for listening


You are not alone. I just did an inspection on a million dollar home the other day. The temperature was 50 degreess. Buyer was there and I told him I could not turn on the AC. He had no problem with it. Realtor calls me the next day and asks me to return (of course for free) to inspect the AC. Now get this - they are 3 years old. We know they all work because the buyer has been in the home several times. I have already pointed out that they have dirty filters, one of the condenser unit pads is not level, and one of them is leaking air at the plenum and needs to be sealed. The realtor goes off the deep end and calls me unprofessional (which set me off) I guess I will never work for him.

When I got home I sent him an email stating that my contract specifically states that I charge for any return trips (among other things)

I am waiting for the client to cancel the check. If he does I will hand deliver a letter to the sellers telling them that my report is null and void and nothing in it should be used for negotiations. I am sure that a lot of inspectors would miss some of the things listed in the report.

Oh, and he told me the home was 4000 square feet. The appraisers office has it listed at 5200 sq feet and Zillow has it listed at $4600 sq feet(althought they have been known to be wrong), so this insepction was underpriced as it was.


Thanks for responding to my post.

When I have the situation of a pain in the neck agent and a nervous buyer I tell the buyer that I will review the report with them one on one without the presence of the realtor. In my opinion the agent does not need to be “in the way” and possibly influence the buyer because of my report.

Every instance I’ve had like that the buyers always appreciate my eagerness to talk with them and explain what I found.

Of course I have also politely walked off an inspection because of a disfunctional realtor.

David and William-

Not long ago I had a realtor set up my reinspect. Elec. and A/C were getting repaired. I told the realtor when she called to set up the reinspect-Have the items been repaired?-yes, they are done. of course, when I get there nothing has been done and they’ve had a week to do it. I called the realtor and they say "oh I forgot the repair guys were coming this morning a little later. Can you come back this afternoon, for free, of course?

What planet are these realtors living on? Sure, I’ll come back for free as long as I can take 1% of the commission :smiley: on this place.