Inspecting ducts in attic

I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone. I need to inspect my attic for one of my mock inspections. I also suspect that I might have conditioned air leaking out one or more of the ducts in my attic. Do I need a thermal imaging camera to check for leaks or is there another way?

I was in this attic last week. As soon as I opened the access I got
a blast of cold air & knew something was up.
In this case the visual was easy, but if you suspect leakage & don’t see any signs a thermal should help.
Most of the times I detect a leak it’s at the dist box that has supplies the ducts.




You can hear a hiss and feel a leak with your fingers. Look at the joints.


Cold air leaking in a hot attic should be easy to find without a thermal imaging camera especially if you can get to all of the duct work. Take a single square of 2 ply TP with you, take the plies apart, move the TP around joints. Moving air will make it flutter. OR if there are cob webs around the ducts, just look for dancing webs…


Holy cow it’s hot up there. Think there might be a bad seal in the AC closet. Lot’s of hot air coming down.