Inspecting Forced Hot Water Boiler help

I don’t often inspect Forced Hot Water Boilers. The last couple I have been during the Winter in homes that were occupied and the boiler systems were already at normal temperature and pressures. This will be my first boiler inspection during the summer in a vacant (Banked own) home. All the utilities have been turned off for months and as a result the Boiler has been idle for a long time. The client is having the utilities turned on for the inspection. So since the boiler has been shut down for an unknown time I want to advise my client that a service call is recommended before the start of the heating season to fully certified the system and that starting up the boiler up after being idle for an extended period of time may cause damage. I know my client won’t understand so I’m looking for some guidance because I want to talk to my client before I show up to the site and don’t meet his expectation over this. If there are no concerns, what should I be aware of in firing the boiler up for the first time in a while if normal controls allow. I’m going to assume that even with all the utilities turned on, the Boiler still will be shut down because the ambient temperature is 85+ degrees an there is no call for heat from the thermostat.

Check the site glass is number one on my list.

be sure boiler has been dewinterized,before even lighiting pilot.make sure gas is on too boiler.light pilot if old enough to have one,if newer it may be a spark or a glow bar. turn switch on watch for ignition.when it fires watch gauge for pressure and temp.make sure circulating pump is running.turn unit back off and reverse what you did to start.if none of the above does not work refer to a contractor:)