Starting a Boiler ?????

I inspected a 70 yr old home yesterday that was heated with a boiler and radiators (hot water). Only the second one I’ve seen.

The system was tured off because its warm here in Ontario (Suprise Suprise).

Is there a process to start the system other than turning it on and raising the thermostat?

The boiler was about 2 yrs old everything looked ok but I was unable to answer the client’s question about start up.

I admitted that I’m kind of dumb when it comes to these systems and recommended he speak with the owner or someone who was familiar with it.

What say you guys?

Most certainly if the boiler had been shut down by the owner the fuel supply and the water may have been turned off to the system and I would have made no attempt to operate. Would have recommended that the owner have the system ready to inspect

There are many safety switches that could be causing this boiler not to fire up, when raising the thermostat settings. If and when I run into this situation, I disclaim the entire Boiler and it’s mechanicals. I tell my clients that they will be doing a final walk-through before the close of escrow and to require the Sellers to have this boiler prepped for final testing on their final walk-through.

Pretty simple if you ask me.

2.4. Heating
I. The inspector shall inspect:
A. The heating system and describe the energy source and heating method using normal operating controls.
B. And report as in need of repair electric furnaces which do not operate.
C. And report if inspector deemed the furnace inaccessible.
II. The inspector is not required to:
A. Inspect or evaluate interiors of flues or chimneys, fire chambers, heat exchangers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, electronic air filters, solar heating systems or fuel tanks.
B. Inspect underground fuel tanks.
C. Determine the uniformity, temperature, flow, balance, distribution, size, capacity, BTU, or supply adequacy of the heating system.
D. Light or ignite pilot flames.
E. Activate heating, heat pump systems, or other heating systems when ambient temperatures or when other circumstances are not conducive to safe operation or may damage the equipment.
F. Override electronic thermostats.
G. Evaluate fuel quality.
H. Verify thermostat calibration, heat anticipation or automatic setbacks, timers, programs or clocks.

3.2. Exclusions:
I. The inspectors are not required to determine:

II. The inspectors are not required to operate:
A. Any system that is shut down.

Charley and the two Daves:

Thanks for your comments.

I did do essentially what Dave V. suggested

I have my answer for the future:

" Yes… check with the owner or an HVAC tech familiar with this type of system"


PS I am conversant with the SOP just wanted to be able to HELP my client a bit.

I didn’t just post that for you. :slight_smile:

Just be careful about helping you client too much.
Starting an appliance as costly as a boiler is not easily covered with the HI pay check! :slight_smile: