Inspecting in PA

In PA, Gov. Wolf has shut down the real estate and “related” industries. Anyone in PA still doing inspections?

If the governor has shut down real estate and related industries, I suspect not. But I’m in MI, so don’t know for sure what the PA inspectors are doing.

Regrettably, I have cancelled all of my pending inspections at this point. Of course I am not very happy about the way things are going. I’m not sure what to think about this mess. Obviously its frustrating.

I bet it is, Dan! Hang in there buddy!

I work for a forensic engineering firm in western PA. Some jobs involve structural inspections after fires/failures/accidents/etc… My boss spoke with the governor’s office for a determination on whether we were an “essential” engineering services. The state ruled that we were non-essential. You can fill out a waiver when/if the forms become available. That said, they indicated fines and misdemeanor charges are possible for employees and businesses that violate the order. So our company now suspended all inspections period.

Good information, Joseph!..Thank you!

Thank you, Joe. Pa’s new rulings were vague and didn’t mention home inspectors specifically. But it seemed we were lumped in with the real estate industry, which was considered nonessential… Looks like I’ll be closing shop for awhile. Thanks again.