Inspecting roofs that you can't walk on

How do everyone inspect roofs that can’t be walked on? For example high roofs tile roofs etc… I know you can inspect from a ladder how else can you inspect the roofs? I know about drones but here in canada you have to pass an almost impossible exam to pass unless you know everything about aviation. The process to get a drone certification is brutal so im wondering other options.


Staying in Berta it all came down to health care and schooling its better up here so we decided to stay

Canadian health care is what it is. Some doctors and nurses are moving away from AB, thanks to you know who. :wink: Schools are about the same, curriculum is a little different. :slight_smile: Hope it goes well for you guys. Inspections picking up?

featherlight 30 foot Eye-Stick:


I used to do this



What do you do now, drone?

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OK, call me stupid, but how did you get those great photos?

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Google Earth! :grinning:

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Mavic Pro
Seldom I can go out a 2nd floor window to get it done.

roof1 roof2 roof5 roof6


Camera pole… but your limited because you can only see so much. It’s hard to get a good look at things like skylights, the back sides of chimneys and vents stacks… I’m looking into getting a drone and getting the FAA Drone Pilots license

Yeahim not sure where you are from but the exam here in canada is very tricky. But if you get a drone under 250grams then you don’t need the license so im looking at the DJI Mini 2

  1. Inspect readily visible and readily accessible installed systems and components
    listed in this rule; and

  2. A list of any systems or components that were designated for inspection in this
    rule but that were not inspected;

  3. The reason a system or component listed in accordance with part (5)(a)2. was
    not inspected;

  4. Enter any area or perform any procedure that may damage the property or its
    components or be dangerous to or adversely affect the health or safety of the
    home inspector or other persons;

Check your provincial HI Rules.

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You posted twice on this so I’ll answer twice …

#1 … We’re not writing a work order for a roofing contractor of EVERY defect on a roof.

#2 … So from the ground with binoculars; from the ground with a camera with 30x zoom, from a ladder at the eaves; or from say a 2nd story window … If I see ANY defects (such as = damaged or missing shingles, shakes or tiles; damaged or missing ridge caps; gaps or separation at flashings; nail pops or exposed nails; curled shingles or shakes; holes; rusted flashings; raised shingles or shakes, worn out OR what may be hail damage, signs of previous leakage, etc) we will RECOMMEND repair by a competent roofing contractor after they evaluating the entire roof, its accessories and their conditions.

#3 … In my area I’m blessed in that there are 3-4 good roofing contractors that in a Real Estate Transaction will do a roof inspection FREE because they know every 3rd or 4th one they will get some business.

#4 … Bottom line we don’t spend time with a drone, a 30’ pole, etc … If in doubt OR if the roof is not visible, snow covered, etc … We refer it to a roofer.

#5 … Works for us BUT its only been 35+ yrs now

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Maybe you’re looking at this wrong. If the process to get a drone license is painful and hard, then it is more reason to do it and stand out from your competition. Most of them likely aren’t willing to jump through the hurdles, but you are and now you can market that.