Aerial Drone Inspections

Interested in what your thoughts are regarding aerial flight inspections, we have been utilizing this for some time on a limited basis. I feel the possibilities are “endless”…Your thoughts?

Used mine yesterday on a tall flat roof. Even the chimney sweep’s 30 footer couldn’t reach the roof.

What drone are you using?

I love new electronic but see nothing in the video doing a practical inspection.
Does it have optical zoom to take shots of flashing issues ?

Even with a tall roof my pole cam still goes out a window with high res shots but these look like gold fish bowl.

Fun toy I am sure however.

Not legal for Canadian Home Inspectors to use in Canada .

Might be fine in the desert where it never rains but I would not depend on that toy to keep me from missing roof leaks :shock:

Is it legal for American home inspectors to do it in Canada? :wink:

Use it all the time. I am about redy to upgrade my quadcopters to a hexacopter. Love it

Might get away with it if you did not charge .
Why not come up and do an inspection on my home have lots of room and you can stay awhile.
Sorry no smoking in our home .
Now is a good time your money is worth about ten % more in Canada.

Only 483 miles to my house

Thanks, I don’t smoke, but I’m already cold enough so a trip to ON is not really in the cards for me.

34°f here right now what is it at your place .

There is always next summer .

LOL that’s actually a bit warmer that our 20…

Would this introduce more liability? As inspectors we are not required to walk high roofs. So, if you use a drone are you now more liable for missed defects?

I love the idea of using one though.

How does high roofs equal unsafe I thought the pitch was the determining factor for unsafe. Were you born and raised in KC;-)

I’ve been using Google Earth for about five years…lol

In Okla we have to describe in our report how we inspected the roof I don’t think Google earth is acceptable:p or at least I am not going to write it in a report

Love Google Earth.
The clients freak when I start telling them the house layout based on the roof penetrations.

Only way to inspect a roof is to be on the roof.


Marcel, I am going to be honest, I am scared, lol. I will not walk any roof with a high pitch. Flat roofs like pictured are one thing, but here most homes are high pitched.

I’ve used mine a few times and it’s great when conditions are right, i.e. no high wind or rain or snow… Otherwise I use my own version of the inspection pole and that works well.