Inspecting Toilets. Please proof this new inspection article.

I would like to see the issue of sealing 3/4 around the toilet base discussed.

Also I love checking original toilet covers for date of manufacture when age of home is in doubt.


What about these types of toilets? &

Incinerating toilets are becoming more popular, but never actually seen one around here.

There are 2 comments about inspector liability in this article. Although I appreciate the concern, I do link these articles to some of my reports. (others do too) No reason to give the client ideas.

Can you tell me more about that?

I’ll look into those

I see your point, but these articles are about inspection concerns, and liability is one hell of a concern. We like to point out common ways that inspectors can royally screw things up and pay through the nose for it. Clients who want to sue an inspector probably won’t need to be given any ideas anyway, they’re just going to do it regardless.

Many of these articles wind up on web pages after being copied and pasted, in which case they can be edited, and you are welcome to remove any sections that you find inappropriate. If you provide direct links to the articles, well, then there’s nothing you can do. If anyone else agrees with you that liability concerns should not be in theses articles, let them state it here and we can discuss it, but until then they are going to stay. Thank you for the concern.

I also was shocked at the mention of liability, these articles are nice but any talk about liability belongs in its own article. What if the agent goes back in the house after the inspection and does not make sure the toilet shuts back off? The owner may come to the vacant house to check some of the report items the next day, flood the house and decide “the inspector must have broken that toilet” Stuff breaks, look in the yellow pages, they are full of people who fix things, call them, not us. Just simply state in the article that the inspector needs to make sure all toilets have shut off before leaving the house.

Also, the word attacked needs to be changed to attached in the article.

Should this be “Composting” instead of “Composing”

I’d say that if anybody wanted to link these articles for their clients they ought to pull them down to their own site and remove the liability statements. I certainly woudln’t show this to my clients with those statements in it.

Well then, you got it. Liability concerns removed.