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Keep 'em coming. I get my best bang 4 buck results from things like this and HomeHints Enews.
How about one on shared flues - chimneys, wood / gas / oil / pellet / coal, etc?

New article on Polybutylene added:

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They are all geared to improving SEO. Every member should make a separate page on their inspection company website for each article. Take the links off the bottom and put your personal inspection contact information and phone number at the bottom of each page. I’ll release at least 2 new ones a week.

You are free to take may name off the articles if you want to. However, one of the reasons I don’t use my name on the websites of the companies I own is that I kind of “reserve” my name for the home inspection industry. My name, Nick Gromicko, is two things: Unique and very associated with home inspections. So unique and so associated with the home inspection industry that Google uses my name to index websites. If Google finds a website with my name on it, Google assumes it has something to do with home inspections. So as not to dilute this advantage, I don’t use my name on other non inspection-related websites I’m involved with. Therefore you might want to leave my name on the articles, but you don’t have to. And remember to take the links at the bottom off and instead link to your home page or contact page or something.

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I should have 3 new ones this week as we just finished one to release on Monday.

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