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Home Inspection Business Coach Webinar

As promised after much hard work and dedication I am open for business. For years now I have spent numerous, priceless hours picking the minds of well educated inspectors across the nation in an attempt to learn everything I could about the home inspection business. My hard work paid off and I now own one the fastest growing inspection companies in St. Louis, MO… STL Home Inspection Services LLC

I started my business with just a few hundred bucks and much determination and now the business has bought a company truck, all the professional tools to include a Infra Red camera, Home Inspector Pro software, Homegauge software, mobile options for both platforms to include an IPAD, ISN (Inspector Support Network), Recall/90Day/Alarm Leads, a nice office, a website that actually sells inspections without much convincing and a comfortable steady flow of income “every month” and most importantly I have earned the respect from my colleagues and clients.

What took me years to pick through and learn, you now have the rare opportunity to push the fast forward button by attending a live informational webinar session of your choice session 1 or 2 or both sessions in just one short weekend. Time is very valuable. Everything I know will become everything you know. This business is my passion. What is time worth to you?

Session 1 **$199 **Sat 8AM-12PM / 1-5PM
✓ Business Name Choice, Location, URL Selection
✓ Protection… LLC vs. S Corp
✓ General Business Expenses and Taxes
✓ Contract and Release Form
✓ My report Layout, Design, What I include (HIP/HG)
✓ Uniform Attire (What to Wear/Tool Holder I Use)
✓ Vehical Selection & Choosing Proper Signage
✓ Inspection Tools Needed for Success
✓ Bringing in 3rd Parties – Lateral Sewer, Termite, Radon, Mold
✓ My thoughts on Infrared ( I Use One)
✓ My Step by Step Routine During a Inspection
✓ How to communicate with clients (Important Tips)
✓ Marketing tips and tricks (Realtors, Banks, Lawyers etc…)
✓ I will discuss why Recall/90 day warranty/Alarm leads Works
✓ I will discuss E&0, General Liability, Joe Ferry, Arbitration

Session 2 **$299 **Sun 8AM-12PM / 1-6PM
✓ Importance of Logo Design/Shirt Selection/Picking a Host
✓ Website Design/SEO How To/Best Sites/Comparisons
✓ I will teach you how to use HG, HIP, ISN, Recall (Priceless Time Saver)
✓ I will wrap up the day with student questions/personal experiences.

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7-8 Dec

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Fast Track Your Success

You did not pick my brain. Another vendor. Teach new inspectors, lose business. IMO of course.

Believe it or not Gary you have a lot to offer everyone and I for one took a lot from what you had to say over the years. Have a great day tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Darn, why are people trying to make me feel good these days?

Lead by example. Teach by doing. Learn by observing.