Inspection Cancellations

Over the past couple of months I’ve had a big increase in cancelled inspections.
During the whole last year I had 10 to 15 bookings cancelled. Last month (May) I had more bookings canceled then kept ones.

Are you having this experience or is it just me?

Is this a symptom of the hot market?

During the hot seller’s market here in Northern California last year, a lot of realtors were booking in anticipation of their clients getting their bids accepted. When they didn’t, they call and cancel.

Cancellations area a royal PITA for all of us. But, it’s a part of doing business. You might consider a cancellation fee if they don’t inform you within 48 hours of the inspection.

Hasn’t changed much for me. On Thursday someone called wanting an inspection. Wanted to know my fee. Hummed and hawed. Wanted to know availability. Hummed and hawed. Finally I told him if he wanted an inspection I would hold open a slot until Friday noon. He never called back, likely I feel due to my fee. He sounded like a jerk anyway.

Lets remember there are lots of home inspectors entering the field, not everyone will have an inspection, price bidding and no conditions, the realtors have their favourite insepctor they recommend, price shoppers, inspectors who undercharge, et ceteras. Each year the pie gets smaller, not necessarily a good thing for the market.

when I get those who are shopping and they do call back because they could not get some one else I tell them sorry I can not do your inspection ( No discusion )( Sorry I can not do your inspection ).
I always feel better as past experience these are the ones who are never happy and spend a lot of my time .
They are the ones who are most apt to Sue you
Roy Cooke sr … RHI…

Well I can tell you that if this chap calls back I will be booked. Have an estate property to do this week which I booked last night.

I would call my market spotty, if anything. One week busy the next is quiet. Every market seems to be different. All I know is that there is an awful lot of money out there.

I have had at least 5 cancel this month and alot of price shoppers as well.We raised our price the first of the year and it may have something to do with the cancelations as we have several inspectors doing them for 275 or less,even had one agent ask us to do a verable inspection and I told him sorry no writen report no inspection.

Low ballers suck! Every association seems to have em. My minimum fee is now $400 for upto 2,000 sq. ft.

I have had three in the last week alone, mstly due to financing.

Do any of you charge the client, if you already have a signed agreement, if they cancel with less than 48 hours notice?

I have 2 for this week all ready and it has not even started yet



Vern I believe a large part of the cancellations is part and parcel of Alberta’s real estate market. Last time I was in Calgary about a month and half ago, the inspectors indicated it was a sellers market. The inspectors from Edmonton indicated the same thing.

About a week ago, I was in Winnipeg, and the inspectors there indicated a similar market there too. Hence lots of calls - but many conditions such as a home inspection being dropped in order to compete and bid in the market for a home.

Even a small increase in mortgage rates can often make a difference. But aside from that consumers will likely always take the opportunity to shop around. Which brings me to some of the new guys low-balling prices and having a dramatic impact on the market prices for home inspections.

Guess who called me back yesterday afternoon? Thats right Mr. Hum and haw. Took my time calling him back, and left a message for him to call me back. No return call. Guess he’s got someone else. Too bad, too glad. Oh well. :slight_smile:

How do you feel when a realtor tells you that a $1200.00 inspection fee on a multi million dollar home is too much when the commission is in the range of $60,000.00 ?

The home is listed as over 4000 square feet, not including the garage and any crawl space areas, or decks, patios, etc.

Where is the reality in all this ?

a) you are dealing with the wrong realtors
b) the realtor has no business questioning your fee, it should be the client.
c) I have a 1.2 million dollar property to do tomorrow and I am charging $500. My minimum is $400 for upto 2,000 the next 1,000 is charged at $50. No one has ever bitched.

Don’t waiver, the realtor will get some slacky who will undercharge. The Realtor and purchaser will get what they deserve a crummy inspection.

Hi Larry, I never give a firm quote to a realtor. I simply tell them my standard rate for larger homes in excess of 5,000 sq ft is the lesser of 150/hr or .20/ sq ft. all surfaces included; finished floors, basement floors attic floor and decks and balconies. Let them do the math.
Buyers don’t balk at this formula. They did get their backs up when years ago I tried to fix my fees to the selling value.
Regards, David Verge