Inspection Notes


Being new to the business I was curious how most of you save your information while doing the actual inspection? I assume you can write it, use a voice recorder, etc. I just purchased a copy of Home Inspector Pro, can you use the program on something like an ‘I Pad’ while doing the actual inspection?

I’m just curious how most inspectors do it. I have been studying for about 6 months now and wanted to start doing some mock inspections.



Yes in short. Everyone does it a little different.

Some use their camera for notes, some use voice recorders, some record voice on their phone or camera. others carry a small PDA, tablet or netbook.

My company gives away note pads(with logo and phone and email address) they fit in my back pocket and I write notes on them if I need to. Usually I carry my computer to the garage and do not need to write much down except the A/C serial number.

Home Inspector Pro is specifically tailored to using a tablet.
Thats why all the tabs and ability to use custom templates.

You need to ask Dom about the i pad as I do not use Apple products.
HIP does run on Mac.

How do you do it Bob?

A trusted assistant and Post-it notes.

Why does she have to be trusted??



you better be absolutely sure you want to bring an Ipad to an inspection. You aren’t going to have it in your sight the entire time.

On HIP, You can set up the program to print out all the topics with no notes and use that as your note template.


I save everything related to the inspection down to the notes of any phone conversations. I do most of the inspection on HIP but the yellow pad goes everywhere I go.

Using a tablet is not for everyone while on site as I personally find it distracting.
Now in days I just take the 1 second and switch to video if a on screen hand signal does not do enough to jog memory.

However that is not your question.
There is nothing special you need to do other than have a stylus handy.
Should be easy enough to just click on material comments but issues may need more of a narrative and you can use on board handwriting recognition.

I can do it that way, but my inspections take a long time as it is.
My progress is like CSI investigation combined with to much lip flapping.:slight_smile:

Mainly take alot of pictures. Seldom write any notes. Just started to use the voice memo feature on my IPhone. Works very good.

Thanks for all the good info guys. Sounds like I’ll probably print out a template from HIP, take plenty of pictures and use my Droid for dictation. After just studying for 6 months I’m ready to start doing some mock inspections and see what it’s like.

I have not written anything down since 2003. Even if I had I would have either lost the notebook it was in or not been able to read what I wrote. I use my camera for almost everything, from serial numbers to email addresses of clients and the check that they write me. I do have a voice recorder though and have used that on occasion.
Even my borescope takes video and jpgs.

LOL I just forgot the downside, I left my camera on the top of my trucks toolbox one day after an inspection in Palm City, about a 40 min drive from my base. Needless to say it was gone when I got home along with all the pictures. That was NOT a profitable inspection between the two trips the two inspections and the new camera and the gift baskets to the sellers and the realtors for letting me come back a second time.

I have a photographic memory. But just in case I record everything on a PDA - 3D Pocket PC software and of course pictures.

Old School, legal pad with notes.

I use a tablet PC build the report as I go through the house, print on site and move on to the next one.
HIP is what I use.


If you start out with a printed sheet, I suggest getting it laminated and use a dry erase marker, you can even print it double sided all for cheap and Kinkos. As the guys have said, everyone has their own method. I’d say most use a laptop, a tablet (like the CTL2Go from or camera/notes. Some people use an etch-a-sketch but I don’t recommend it :mrgreen:

The issue with the laminated method is that to use a printed sheet there is a compatibility issue with amount of space to write on using a Dry marker as the letters are thick when written.

Dry markers are great for for short symbols however.
I suggest using a code.
Example would be I.D>W that might be used for Interior doors are wood.
Another example would be S.F>C.
Yes that could be Structures foundation is concrete.

If you are catching on the first 2 are system and component followed by>comment.
This can allow you to do a total narrative with no need for lengthy printed crib sheets.
Simply take a picture of the sheet when full and move on.
Hope this helps someone.

I use and Eye-Fi card and never have to worry it sends them to the computer wirelessly while I do the inspection. I have a belt clip for the phone case. The camera rarely get put down anywhere.

I did leave the IR, two moisture meters and a multi meter at a home the other day. I was sick, until I drove an hour there and it was still there 24 hrs later.
:freaked-: :vomit:

You can get extremely fine tips for dry erase markers. I have a few, they work nicely. Not as nice as using a tablet, but a good tool for guys starting out.