Inspection on a new home

I just got a call to do an inspection on a brand new home it will be finished next week. My question is is this normal to inspect a brand new house? I have never been asked to inspect a new house before so I’m just curious has anyone else inspected a brand new house before?

Inspections are highly recommended for new construction. The “Builder” doesn’t build the home. Most sub out the plumbing, hvac, electrical, roof and insulation as well as other things. The on-site superintendent can’t be at every home at all times to verify the work of the various trades.

You will find incorrect wiring, cut joists by hvac and plumbers, new appliances that don’t work, crappy work from a lot of trades, roofing and flashing done wrong or missing, incorrect siding installation, missing insulation… the list goes on and on.

Take the job and with new construction, write hard.

Also make sure you run water in all plumbing fixtures as construction crap seems to end up down the drain.

Good advice on running the plumbing fixtures, I would just add to run em’ hard!

I just finished not a new home but a brand new fresh top to bottom renovated home. All very high end. Three spa tubs. I started all of them filling up and tested the jets, then drained them all at once.

Get into the basement and water is pouring out of the unfinished ceiling!!

Couldn’t tell where it was coming from but obviously somebody forgot to glue a joint on the drainage system.

Some poor plumber is gonna get a nasty call in the morning I imagine!:twisted:

test it all, certainly fill basins. You may be surprised what’s not OK even though its new.

When I do a new house, I do write everything, even cosmetic, because it should be perfect. I skip cosmetic items on used homes.