Inspection program set up

Hello all. I am new to inspecting and have been working on setting up a software program and am looking for some input on how long it has taken others to get there system adequately functioning for inspections. It seems like I have been working on it quite a bit but have nothing to compare my efforts with. Appreciate any & all input/advice.

Great to see you on the MB, Charles.
What software are you using?

Typically, the learning curves takes time to get use to. Set up a simple reporting routine. Observations: Recommendations: Limitations.
I have been told it can take up to 8 hours to write reports after 1 year of inspecting.
Go to Horizon. Look at their basic Sample Inspection Reports. It would take me 1 hour.
Look how they set up the report. Lots of help at Carson Dunlop…

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Thank you for the timely responses. Appreciate it. I am using the Palm Tech inspection program. I have been working on re-organizing the program and imputing various information into it for a couple hours a day for about 6 weeks, as I am also somewhat new to working on computers as well. I used it for the first time this week doing an inspection on a family members 3000 sq. ft. home working out kinks and has taken me about roughly 20 hours as I am new to this. Any estimations on how long a typical inspection of a house this size would take with a moderate amount of defects.

You’ll continue to change things as you go along. Each inspection will raise new reasons to tweak this or that in your reporting software. You’ll also become more adept at making the changes. Don’t rush, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


Appreciate the response Robert. Just curious if you have an average time frame on how long it would take to inspect & do a report on a 25 year old home with a moderate amount of defects.

Also curious as to what the cost would be to inspect a 3000 sq.ft. home 25 years old in the Denver, Co. area?

Call around, or have someone else call around, with the same specs and ask for a price. Then place your price a little above middle to start.

It differs, but somewhere around 3 to 3 1/2 hors complete. It may take a new person a little longer starting off.

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Up to 3 hrs onsite inspecting with typical issues for a newer inspector. About 2-3 hrs report tim for a new guy should be tops


Appreciate the info Dan. I will keep working at it.

I concur with Mr. Bowers.