Question from a Newbie for you "seasoned" Inspectors

Hi all,

Forgive me for being naive on this topic, but I have a question for you inspectors… I reveived a call from an out of state guy today that said he worked for a lending institution in the state he was from, and he is also a commercial type inspector.

He needed someone from here (where his client has a commercial project) to visit this jobsite from time to time and just spend 45 minutes or so and take pictures. There would be no report involved for me, I would just send the digital photos in a PDF file to him. He asked if I would be available for the “whole project” which could be multiple buildings and I said yes.

I told him if it took me 30-45 minutes I would charge him 125.00 per trip. He did not seem to object. What do you guys make of this? Have you ever done anything like this?

Help a newbie, win a prize. Well OK no prize, but your input would be appreciated.

I’m not one of the seasoned inspectors, but I would personally just check him out to make sure he’s on the up and up, considering how many scams are going around. Just to be safe.

Sounds like a draw inspection.

If the client is a large company or lender, then it sould be easy. If not, get set up with a Paypal acocunt, and have funds deposited when the request for the inspection is made (some equipment leasing inspection companies do this).

Sounds like good side money!

I’ve now signed up with 3 different companies for draw inspections. On site takes about 20 minutes for 15 to 25 minutes on site, drive time, and report preparation.

Every company I do business with have either an on-line reporting site or provides reporting percentage guidelines via e-mail. If this company does that then go for it. I was unsure about one company and I posted the request using their name on the member’s only message board and received great feedback from other members. What is the name of the company??

Thanks Greg, I will get the name for you. Its not at my disposal now,(using another computer now) I can get it to you in a bit. Thanks

Thanks to Wendy and Joseph also!

Hi Greg,

I do a growing amount of work for various financial institutions around the country who are obviously financing projects. I also do work for various commercial management firms who need me to do annual site inspections. This is easy work, and really it’s just a drive to the property, 20 -30 photos and a quick opinion on the overall condition of the building. You do not need to be a structural engineer to render a general opinion on apparent condition. Just don’t whip out the slide rule OK. Fees range from $100 to $200 generally speaking. Once you do a few of these, it’s like getting junk mail later. What I mean is there must be some secret cave where, once firms like this know you are an inspector, they tell all their other firm friends, and these inspections will start popping up with regularity. For me it’s a good and growing source of income. Occasionally you will get stiffed on the fee, but that is why you can deduct business losses, remember don’t EVER step over dollars to pick up pennies::: translated>> you could get stiffed on a fee here and there, but most companies are honest and on the level…

I am on the mailing list for a few of these companies but I dont get anything but mail from them…NO WORK. Does anyone know the magic words to get this type of business?

The magic words are

“I will work for peanuts”


I gave up on all the draws…I can’t afford the gas to get to them on what they are paying. My situation is different than others in that I live 45 minutes from most of the draws…doesn’t make economic sense.

Greg’s situation is different…and by no means do I mean anything by this.