Inspection Program

I’ve had a few of my clients to fail to make payment and was curious if anyone had a home inspection program where the clients could not receive the report until payment was successfully received as well? Thanks

ISN does this


Beyond the OP question, why are you leaving the inspection without payment? Bring up payment at the beginning of the inspection and if they try the old “forgot my checkbook”, then they have a couple hours to go to the bank and get cash. Don’t play games, don’t be lazy. Be professional.

Or use this:

You can also restrict yourself from using the send button on your email that you are typing.

I don’t know about you but I don’t use any program that automatically sends the report out without me hitting the send button first.

Home Inspector Pro.

It doesn’t take a program to work that out. You either get before the inspection, at the inspection or before the client is allowed access to the report. Those are all things you can control.

Just curious here, you’re a student and I assume just starting out?
And you’ve already had a few clients stiff you?

Was there a realtor involved in these transactions?