Inspection Proposal

When you guys book an inspection, Do you send the client a proposal? Like name, address, phone, scope of work, payment options and ect…

I was looking into putting a nice proposal together as a PDF file and send to the client who books an inspection via email. Needing some idea’s, Does anybody have a template they would like to share, or and idea’s. I usually send out an email with this typed and send out via three emails, one thanking them with my state’s SOP and my license, inspection agreement and payment.

Just wanted to see what you guys do?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Just curious Shawn,

Why would you want to send someone a proposal when you already have their business? :-k

I think he meant to say Agreement.
PM me and I’ll give you an example that I use here in California. It’s really more of a template that you add info such as cost, address and signature line. I sign it, scan and email a copy the bring original to get their signatures at the inspection. Plus an extra copy… For them.

Bascally what I ment was kinda like a pdf document stating thank you for choosing me, what address were inspecting, time and date and payment (cost). I know I already have their business, maybe proposal wasn’t the word I was looking for.

I usually send three emails. Email one is thanking them, i send them a copy of my Florida home inspector’s license and a our Florida Standards of Practice, cost of inspection and payment terms. The second email is the InterNACHI aggrement. I use the plain english template. The third email comes from quickbooks.

When I book a commercial inspection, i usually send them a proposal showing address, date and time, scope of work, time from for completing the inspection report, my insurance and InterNACHI Com SOP. So I was seeing if anyone does this for residential.

So my real question is, when somebody books an inspection with you, what do you email them?

Thats what I was trying to answer.

I send them the agreement via the InterNACHI system.

Sent through ISN.

Awesome, I don’t use ISN as I do more insurance inspections (Wind Mitigations and 4-Points). But I kinda send an email to my client in almost this same format.

Thanks Guys,

ISN does rock, and when I start getting more HI I am defiantly going to utilize it.

What he said.

ISN has a reduced rate for less expensive inspections like Wind Mit & 4 point. Try calling them and see if you can still make it work for you.

I have the client send me an email first so I have all the correct info names address etc.etc. than I look at the property and send them a quote if they asked or needed one approx time it will take to inspect and any radon expectations if doing radon and then send an agreement. I just keep it simple as most people catch me driving or on a roof so having them send an email with everything is great and works great.

Once somebody books rather it is online or email or phone call my automatic email system trough ISN takes over. In 2 hours the buyer gets a thank you and confirmation email that contains my COE, SOP, and the agreement and invoice. At the same time it sends out an agent email with the info on it. 1 day prior to inspection both he buyer and agent gets a reminder email. ISN rocks and takes a lot of paperwork out of the inspection.

you guys don’t send them a price quote by email first ? you give them the price over the phone ?