Template for Inspection report

This is a question for all the pro inspectors out there. I am a General Contractor & Realtor. I have a client, who I am selling them a home and then also adding on a bathroom and bedroom. They also want me to do an inspection on the property. What I need at this point is a template for the inspection. Can someone send this to me or can I find a free template one somewhere ??

Does your state license home inspectors?

You’d be wise to hire a pro to do the inspection. Especially if you’ve never done one. OK, you’re a general contractor. How do you inspect the furnace, electric panel, AFCIs, GFCIs, etc.? Can you tell the age of the AC or water heater by looking at the serial numbers? How should that condensate drain discharge exactly? The list goes on and on. You don’t know what you don’t know if you’re not a home inspector or specifically trained in it.

Jack of all trades, master of none!!!

Leave the inspection of the house to a professional, you as the realtor should stay arms lenght. Talk about a conflict of interest!!! WOW

Stick with what you know best, and from your post one must wonder what that is!

You being the realtor selling the house, then the general contractor that will benefit from the remodel, and also want to be the inspector, I smell a RAT!!!

Above and beyond the ethical problem here, you could open yourself to more legal problems you can ever imaging, if things go wrong.

You’re trying to triple dip!!! PATHETIC


Makes no difference if the state licenses inspectors.

This is just MORALLY and ETHICALLY wrong!!!

I think better of you, that you would condone this obvious conflict of interest!!!

Come on, I know you are better than that!!!

Sounds like a big conflict of interest.
You may get sued.

Yes, he would be wise to hire a professional, independent (no horse in the race) inspector, but I doubt he is wise nor smart. He is a greedy, unethical, individual, pursuing his own agenda, and has only his own interests in mind, the buyer/client be damned! This is plain WRONG!!!


As a professional (Contractor and REALTOR), you should refer your client to a certified home inspector in your area, to avoid the even the slightest apearance of a conflict of interest.

Does the REALTOR COE allow REALTORS to also do inspections?

The above (clipped) quote would be enough to raise red flags about a conflict. Add in that you are doing renovations to the property and that’s another flag.

You can use the find an inspector feature at the top of this page.

Find a realtor who is also an inspector that sucks up to the realtors so you can refer him to your clients and you may even get a dozen donuts thrown in.:wink:


If I were the seller of this property I would:

  1. Back out of this transaction.

  2. Find a new realtor,

Let me be very clear to all of you. I have built houses from ground up.

The reason that California does not require a home inspection license is because a 2 year old can walk around a house and describe what they see. Dint sell me your bull ****. Every one of you that have a certification knows deep down that its not worth the paper its printed on. Y’all got scammed suckers .

I have found a template anyways.

Hey, John Sta…you must be as good at Real Estate as you are at home inspecting because a Google search for you yielded zip, nata, nothing.

What a joke!!!

You seriously think that a blank checklist style report is going to cut it as a home inspection considering you have never performed one before. With that kind of thinking I assume that just because someone has a set of blueprints, they are capable of building their own house with no prior training.

Home inspectors make their money because builders like you think that they know how to build a house perfectly. I am sure that when you present your checklist report to your client that there won’t be a single thing wrong with it. I bet if one of us were to walk through though, it would be a completely different story.

Tell you what…Go buy a book and get a clue since you think you know everything that is involved in this business!


And anyone that owns a hammer can be a contractor in California. So, at least you qualified to be contractor.

A couple of courses, an easy test, zippo, you are a real estate agent.

You are a pathetis dirt bag, an embaresement to both of the above professions.

You have no ethics

So, gather up your crayons, and a coloring book that shows a house, and do your “inspection”!!

You should be reported to the California licensing board. Didn’t find you as a registered contractor, so you are either operating under a false name, or illegally. From your posts, I would guess both!!


John, if you have the credentials you claim you should not need a template. As a competent building contractor you should be able to start at the site without any procedural questions what so ever and follow the whole process from soil typing, cut and fills, and compactions, drainage, etc. on to the ridge cap making any notation of error on a pad. You should know every aspect of every system involved if you are in charge. When you are done your pad should be empty and hire somebody to see if they can find fault with your work. It will keep it clean for you.

The key words here are:


That is in doubt. Yes, the pad should be empty, much like his head.

Are any of you actually as worked up as you come across in your posts. Agree to disagree and move on. Anyone can find fault in anyone else’s work any day of the week. there is more than one way to do most things in the world. People will always argue. Some think the one who screams the loudest wins. How about challenging a duel?

NO ONE IS FINDING ANY FAULT WITH THIS PERSONS WORK! He has NO track record in the inspection business!! If you have read all the posts, the question is his ability to do the customer a quality job, AND the ethics of being both the realtor and general contractor!

It has been a “lively” thread, with many opinions on the matter at hand, and the starter of this thread can take it in any way he wants, however, considering his last post, we all now know where he stands.

This board exists because of the many diverse opinions of those who post, you can agree, or disagree, but it is a forum that one can learn from, if only you keep an open mind.

I note you have a “generic” posting name and no mention of where you are located. Somewhat like the starter of this thread. If that is his real name (not verified, as yet from California records), he is dumner than a rock to admit his lack of ethics.

I agree to disagree, but that does not invalidate my opinion!!!