Inspection protocol

Habits can be useful, and generally save us precious moments that add up. I remembered this the other day. I’d emerged from a crawlspace with my coveralls coated in a silt-like dirt. I removed them very carefully, balencing first on one foot and then on another, and managed to extricate myself without transferring one speck of dirt onto my nice clean clothes. Pleased with myself, I walked ten or so paces away from my shiny SUV dragging the coveralls behind me. In the center of the road, and far enough removed from my SUV, I glanced left and right before smacking the coveralls forcibly on the asphalt, and repeated the process while walking further and further away, until all the dirt was transferred to the road or had wafted away into the air. It was in that moment I remembered that I’d left my reading glasses and digital camera in the coveralls. I muttered a prayer which, like many of my other prayers, went unanswered. I did keep the mangled remnants of the camera to show to my sweet wife and beg her forgiveness. My prayer went unanswered, but I was forgiven.

LOL That story was great. Just about two weeks ago like all inspections for me it’s always a 40 min drive it seems like so I get to the house complete the entire inspection, brief the clients, get out to my car raise the trunk load my tools and yes you guessed it watched helplessly as I shut the trunk down with my keys inside the trunk. Same as you I muttered a very similar prayer that went unanswered. :slight_smile:

Keith, You put a smile on my face . . . glad you were forgiven . . . did she laugh? My sweetheart would have . . .

Hey Bill, can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same . . . after the 3rd or 4th time, I now have a key in a secured box hidden on the car . . . got tired of using a coat hanger to get back in.

Oh my Keith, funny story. Sorry about your camera

Camera…ouch. Great Story.

Bill, I wish I could use a car to haul my stuff around in… Tall houses here and 28 foot ladders and such wouldn’t be any fun… Do you use one of those collapsing ladders or such? Full size truck and all my shoes…forget tools, guys have to have a lot of shoes