Home Inspection Attire

I find that at least 75% of the time by the end of a single job I am in need of a change of clothes and a restroom wipedown because I am a mess from crawling in a crawlspace or attic and blah blah… Is this common for most others? I ask because I get baffled when I see some other guys in khakis and shirts looking like they just came from the dry cleaner and hardly wrinkled with immaculate boots and I look like Indiana Jones who just crawled out of a tomb? I feel like I am working hard and they are working smart? LOL I am just crying maybe…. How do other guys look all clean and pressed and tucked in and I am a mess?


Maybe I should find thin ones cause I have like a insulated carhart jumpsuit but I sweat like a dog in that thing so I only wear it in really bad areas like dirt crawlspace or wet areas and so forth. I should check that out.

Yup, thin coveralls are worth the money. $40 bucks at Tractor and Supply is what I went with on a pinch… I’m sure you can find them cheaper online.

And cotton/poly non wrinkle shirt.

Coveralls are good, but can’t wear them all the time. Clients like it when you get a little dirty (a little dirty, not pig pen) it shows that you are working and you are willing to go the extra mile. I have clients complain about the the guys in super clean khakis. I had one client get mad because his inspector was wearing a tie. Look like you are ready to get dirty for your client, but then try and keep it clean.

Oh, and I always keep an extra inspection uniform in the truck. They expect you to get dirty during the inspection, but not to show up dirty

Polo shirt and cargo shorts for summer. I have to change shirts before 2nd inspection. Muggy
Cargo khakis or jeans in winter.

Ctawl. I use tyvek paint suits with hoodie and boot covers. I get about a week (10 Inspections) assuming normal crawl conditions. Poured crawls tear them up way faster. They very rarely bleed through.

I bring a couple shirts with me. When i crawl in attics doing Wind Mitigations my shirts get really dirty. I am going to try the tyveck all cover suit down the road, I just heard there really bad with static. I watch the Prefrom Your Best Home Inspections with Jim Krumm, and he recommended taking cleaners, wipes and rubbing alcohol to clean your self up.

Perception is the key:D;)

Been using hooded Tyvek suits for 10 years. Was never a fan of cloth coveralls. Our crawlspaces are anywhere from dry to wet. I can get 2-3 wears, sometimes more depending on condition of crawlspaces. They are DAMP proof but not waterproof. I originally started with the ones with built in booties but the booties get so dirty they make more of a mess especially after damp areas.

Sometimes I can wash them but that gets rid of the moisture protection. But it makes them ok for dry crawls or attics.
Just bought another box of 25.

Tyvek Coveralls

Ditto. I bring an extra shirt if I’m doing more than one inspection because I sweat like a pig, and don’t wear the coveralls in the attic.

Military flight suit. Lots of pockets, tough material, zippers and velcro at legs and wrists.

I like that


I kinda dug Russell’s Red and Black when I went on a drive with his team…I sorta stuck with that for myself for the time being :slight_smile:

I may do Blue and Black eventually.


I like Nomex coveralls for my crawlspace and attic work. They are extremely lightweight and dry super fast if they become wet.

I normally have a little dirt which I too feel is a good thing. 95% of my inspections are done with the client coming at the end of the inspection for the results. I think they like a little dirt to see that I was working hard for them.

I pretty much plan my attire according to the day.
Sometimes I can be nearby and change or others wear the tyvek.

Also have a nice pair of Carharts .

I always arrive clean at inspections but leave dirty.