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Q1 - When creating a multi-ply beam using two Boise Cascade Versa-Lam LVL beams measuring 3 1/2" X 12" X 20’ what size nails are used, what is the nailing pattern, and how many nails will be used in total?

Q2 - What is wrong in this picture taken during a new home final inspection on 29 January 2022 in Frisco, Texas 75035?


Q3 - What is this in these two pictures and what is wrong here? This is not a fire rated wall assembly.



Q4 - On a 50’ long eave, using 8’ long sticks of drip edge material what is the minimum number of sticks that will be used, without wrapping at the ends, and how many inches of material will be left over?

Q5 - This is an evap coil, heater, and air handler unit mounted in the attic of new construction. The evap coil unit is a Lennox Model CHX35-30B-6F-2. What is wrong with the evap unit?


A little fun with music.

What 1981 science fiction anthology movie with the central theme of “the sum of all evils”, and best viewed/understood completely stoned with the munchies, shared the same name as the theme song? Who sang the theme song in the movie and who sang the original of that song?


Thanks for doing these questions, Manny. Many appreciate it. :+1:

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Thanks, Manny, for the questions.


Great questions, Manny. :slight_smile:


Really cool questions Manny !!


all of the above !..


Q1 - Normally an inspector would not verify or make engineering calculations, certainly not in a report. Vendor specifications apply here, with Boise Cascade showing two rows of screws (not nails) from 12 to 24" OC depending on the load.

Q2 - Weather records for Frisco show it was between 40 and 60 degrees that day, the day of a local special election for City Council. No power was seen at the outlet. The in-service cover appears to be missing a cover and gasket, and the rotation of the outlet could be wrong. Depending on the wall, a drain on the lower side may be missing. From the photo the presence a GFCI function could not be verified.

Q3 - This is an Uffer ground embedded in the concrete and correctly accessible. It’s unclear from the photo if there’s a wire connected from the Uffer to the panel. If it was City inspected, the Uffer was inspected prior to the concrete pour, and depending on the jurisdiction a permanent inspection tag may have been required.

Q4 - 600 inches total. With 2" overlap each stick gets you 94 inches. Seven strips are required, with the last strip leftover 36 inches.

Q5 - The CHX35-308-6F-2 manual shows two 3/4" condensate drains. Only one of the two is pictured as connected. The plumbing of the other appears to be sub-professional in fit and finish, and insulated for no apparent or good reason.

Way too stoned to remember the movie, but google brought up:
Don Felder, "You’re Really High, Aren’t You?,. Sammy Hagar later recorded the titular song.

Eagles guitarist Don Felder was asked to write and record the theme song to the film, which also featured music by Nazareth, Cheap Trick, and Black Sabbath. Felder based the song on a track he worked on for the Eagles 1979 album The Long Run, which turned out to be their last studio album until 2007. That song, with the working title “You’re Really High, Aren’t You?,” didn’t make the cut, but Don remembered it when he was asked to work on the movie.


Great questions MaNnY! :cowboy_hat_face:

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These questions are in “Beast Mode” :boar:
Good job!

  1. need to use screws
  2. cover is missing, anything else is speculation
  3. ufer spelled wrong
  4. 62"
  5. Air flow wrong direction for the installation. Although it will work not recommended. Main drain needs a cleanout and trap before vent. Electrical looks terrible. Venting is questionable. Overall unprofessional installation. Should be evaluated by a QUALIFIED HVAC TECH.
    Heavy Metal Takin a ride Don Felder


Thanks for the Great Eye!

There is a change to the evap coil model number above caught by Brian!

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Thanks for doing the questions, Manny! We appreciate it. :+1:


Manny :slight_smile:


Nice try JR don’t know why you would change that.

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OK to make it a bit easier I have provided the high resolution image for Question 5 the evap coil unit shot. It is a simple but very important issue and hopefully this helps with identifying it.

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That is often where the condensate on outside the pipe drips, maybe it is meant to be a sponge :smile:


I got ahead of myself…see post #2. :man_shrugging:

Anyway fixed…Thanks, Junior.

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