Inspection question

I have a question regarding an inspection I had done for me 10 months ago. The property I purchased had a roof that appeared to be 5-10 years old. The inspector felt that it had about 4 or 5 years life remaining. I now need to replace the roof. Do I have any recourse in this situation? I know an inspection doesn’t guarantee anything, but I purchased the home inspection to protect me from this. Any recommendations would be helpful.

You say the Inspector “felt” it had 4-5 years left.
Unless he gave you a warranty there is no recourse in my opinion.

Many Inspectors may give a round about opinion on the age such as mid life ,new,old and ready for replacement but nobody will tell you exactly how long it will last.

P.S in your post you yourself said it “appeared” to be 5-10 years old.
Let me add you say you need to replace it but how do we know that part is true ?

Many variables here including the conditions present at time of the inspection.

You will never have a solid answer here and I suspect a hard time doing the same anywhere else unless there is more to the story.

We are not privileged to see the report,pictures,what was written,local laws,rights,what was said verbally,what was in the inspectors contract ,etc.

Did he find anything at all wrong with the roof ?

Why do you now need to replace the roof?