Inspection Superconference? Is it worth it?

Just inquiring about the Inspection Superconference in Vegas. Does anyone have comments about it? Is it worth it?

What dat? Never heard of it.
In fact, it sounds as if the sponsoring vendor is over-compensating for something!

Sometimes I can’t even stand myself, much less other inspectors, lol. :joy: :joy:


Thanks, Jeffrey, that is what I was thinking. I never heard of it either. But we have to be careful in this chat because apparently, InterNACHI is one of the vendors.(?) The marketing for this conference is odd.

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:sweat_smile:indeed, I hear ya.

Room rates atrocious, it is a vender event

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Do you have an example? What have you discovered to be the price range?

Look at registration, from 295 a night

Vendor conferences are an interesting concept. Let’s pay to enter a space where people are trying to sell me stuff.

It’s like a mall charging admission.


Dont get me wrong but there are a few good subjects, I have been at this since 1989 so a lot of it is repeats. I wish they would allow us to pick certain sessions to attend, therefor would not have to pay for a whole week of lodging. I see one session that intrigues me and that is on a Weds. but I dont want to pay a full fee.

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