Inspector Marketing World Tour

My wife and I attended the IMWT last night in Seattle. It was awesome! We got a lot of great information from it. It is well worth the cost and time. Recommend it to all inspectors who want to take their marketing to a new level.


My husband and I attended the Marketing World Tour last night in Davenport, Iowa. Nick presented an incredible amount of pertinent information for us to begin our home inspection business. There were us newbies as well as well-qualified and established inspectors in attendance and Nick presented a wide range of marketing ideas and actual sample products to help us all. Thank you, Nick. We hope you come back to Iowa soon:D


I am glad to hear you found the meeting so helpful to you and your husband. May I please get your shipping address to send something out to you?:mrgreen: You can e-mail me at

Chloe Katz

I just got home from the Toronto marketing event myself. Nick is probably still at it!! A ton of new, fresh ideas and some great website critiques. Well worth the time! Thanks Nick and Christine for all the extra goodies as well!!

I attended the Inspector marketing world Tour in Chicago on Tuesday. the class was great a lot of good info. One question can this class be used toward C.E. and if so can I use it for my IL and In. Licenses.

John Oelberg
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Nick is a one person dynamo and if you absorb a little, you gain a lot!


I just got back from the Inspection Seminar in Toronto, ON as part of the MArketing World tour. It was very helpful. There were a lot of people in attendance, which did make it a little hard to hear at the back, but Nick was very good. He even stayed well after it finished to personally go over my website with me, as well as many others and answered any questions that people had. Recommend going if you can! Thanks Nick.

John Kerr
Certified Home Inspector
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I visited Inspector Marketing World Tour last nite in Toronto. What a great info session. Tons of informations. Thanks to Mr. Nick Gromicko.

Samir Sheth
Good Earth Inspections

Had a great time at the Marketing Conference in Toronto and the after party was fantastic as well. :wink:

Me and my wife went to the Chicago tour on tue Oct 16, There was a lot of good information and Idea Put. Time was a little short and didn’t get the one onn one time. I know there is a lot of information on the InterNACHI web site but the information put out in the conference doesn’t match. but over all a very good class and great fellow inspectors.

Eric Shaw
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:DHi Nick,
I attended the Toronto meeting last night and it was terrific.
Even though I have been inspecting for over 5 years, I walked away with a ton of ideas to work on. None of it is complicated. It just gave me the information I needed to take me to the next level.
Whether you are a a seasoned or newby inspector this course is a must if you want to increase your business.

John Arnott

I attended the Chicago Illinois seminar of the tour. It was very well worth the fee. I learned a LOT of important information to help me promote my business. Looking forward to implementing the ideas

GS & TJ Services

Went to the Toronto world tour seminar last night. Great to meet other inspectors and really enjoyed the presentations from Nick and others. It would be nice to have events like this annually. Maybe instead of having Nick strap a plane to his back, one larger event could be hosted in different cities and individual wishing to attend could fly in.
Thanks Nick

Thank you Nick for sharing tips and goddies and thank you for being there for all interNACHI Home inspectors. A crowded room with a master on the stage. You tell it like it is and you are a great inspiration tu us all.
PS: A big Thank you to Christie who helped make this seminar a success.