Toronto Conference

I attended the world tour presentation in Toronto this evening 10/18/2012. The seminar was very helpful and I believe every NACHI Home Inspector should attend this meeting. Thanks to Nick for sharing many of new ideas for marketing.

Sam Dhiman
Ontario Inspections Inc, Brampton

I just got home from the marketing event myself. Nick is probably still at it!! A ton of new, fresh ideas and some great website critiques. Well worth the time! Thanks Nick and Christine for all the extra goodies as well!!

Just got home myself, had a good time, nice to put faces to so many names. And Nick is a genius! LOL.
Seriously the guy is a fountain of knowledge on marketing.

Hope you guys realize this guy is traveling with Nathan to a different city every night and doing the same thing over and over.
I would never have that kind of energy and dedication.
Think of how tired you get traveling on a vacation.
It blows my mind.

I do realize it Bob, and he said he drove!!! I would have thought flying would be a must. Not sure if he was yanking our chain with that one. I couldn’t do it, that’s for sure, I get cranky if I have to leave my vacation! The weather was of course miserable tonight, hope he has better weather for his journey.

Nick is definitely dedicated and helping all of us with his experience.

I am trying to take the calls from potential clients as he mentioned in the seminar but I am still having hard time closing the deal. As there are many of us out there just sloughtering the market with cheaper pricing.