Inspector purchasing

First off I am studying for my license and have not purchased a house before.
My question is as a future home inspector can I be the inspector for the home I want to purchase?

Yes you can, but you may meet some resistance from the seller and their agent (or even yours) because you won’t exactly be a neutral third party. As long as you can back up what you say, it doesn’t really matter what they say.


Thank you.

If it was me in your shoes, I may pay a CMI Find a Certified Master Inspector® and accompany him throughout the inspection. Four eyes are better than two and you both may learn something. Also, he would be writing the report while not being a neutral third party.

That takes the resistance out of the equation…theoretically. Just don’t drive your name splashed work vehicle to the inspection. :smile:


Also, David, welcome back to our forum!..enjoy! :smile:

I like that suggestion Larry - I’m actually scheduled to complete my own inspection Tomorrow on a house we are buying but I may try to push it to get someone more experienced out for me to follow around!


Smart man, Brian! It saves a lot of hassle. :smile:

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Did that very thing last week on a home we are to close on soon.
My thought was if I hire a competent competitor, it takes me out of the middle if something is found that requires further negotiation.
Sure enough, nothing major but I’m glad I didn’t inspect, report the issues and then be under the scrutiny of the seller/sellers agent that I fabricated the situation.

Hire someone experienced and go through with them (politely, don’t hover too much and break up their routine). Furthermore someplaces require a report from a state licensed home inspector be provided to the seller if you want to negotiate on items you want fixed or replaced. Check with your agent on that one.