Own purchase inspection and Networking

First post and probably a silly question. I am about 50% complete with my certification. Love the program and the culture of the NACHI forum. I have alot of experience in building Maintenance and personal home repair. Within the next 6 months I’ll be purchasing my 3rd home. Am I able to execute my own inspection on a purchase? Also what are your experiences with a rewards type of network? I know quite a few realtors that are already wanting my premature services. Im about 2-3 weeks out before I’m certified. Just dont want to start things on a wrong foot if this practice is frowned upon. Much respect. Thanks you.

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To start with, that depends on your location. As an example, it is illegal in NY to inspect any home you have a vested interest in.

Recommend filling out your signature with your deets, so we can address your questions with facts, not assumptions.
I’m sure Larry will be back to explain how to do that.

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Thank you. I am very green when it to pertains to such matters. I was merely curious. I have no issues, doing procedures through the necessary channels. I live in Ohio. I also know I’m getting ahead of myself. I am a deep thinker and planner of the long game. Thank you for the insightful facts. I really appreciate it. My thoughts were; If I want a house enough to own and live in. Then I would give a more then fair assessment. However I also understand the other side of the regulations and unethical conduct. Tried looking it up unsuccessfully.

Unless your state requires a third party home inspection for a real estate transaction, I see no problem with you doing your own inspection. You should have the right to look at any property you want to purchase, evaluate and make recommendations. No difference than a buyer opting out of hiring a home inspector and going forward.

And to clear, doing your own inspection is NOT making a inspection report to provide to the seller. Just a walk list per say…

Yes, and even if legal in your area, remember that the Seller will see your inspection as being biased, and may not accept your findings for the sake of negotiations.
My suggestion is, hire an inspector but advise the inspector that you want to be present during the inspection with a detailed walkthrough. Don’t disclose yourself to the seller. That can be your ace up your sleeve.
It will also be a good training excercise to see how another operates!


Absolutely. Totally off the books. Now if I saw defects or needed corrections then I would hire a neutral 3rd party source. Thanks appreciate the feedback. I just want to ensure I’m not being unethical upon my very early career.

Even before I became an inspector I would always, and still do, inspect my own purchases. I never received any pushback from sellers. I only walked away from one house after inspection and that was because of the foundation. I’m sure like most guys here, I can fix anything. What might be a $20k repair is only a couple of thousand in materials. If the house speaks to me I’m not letting a couple of grand stand in the way. Generally I don’t negotiate on price. When I sell something and get low balled the price goes up not down. I used to know a pawn shop owner. Whenever someone would try to negotiate price he would say “bring your wife down and we’ll dicker”.

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Great points. My only suggestion is that two sets of eyes and knowledge is better than one. I work with another independent InterNACHI inspector and we have been known to tag team. We take our separate pictures and notes and compare the findings in the end. We started this on commercial inspections and added the huge residences into the mix. We don’t do it every often but we each have learned from the others experiences. It is cool to make (save) all the money but the experience has been well worth the time and money. That other set of eyes will also look at things differently than the buyer (you) will. I’ll bet that if you looked around you would find someone who would be willing to work with you, and the benefits of having someone you can send business to when you are booked or on vacation is great.

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