Inspector Toolbelt's New Features

We had a bunch of new releases and upgrades at Inspector Toolbelt this week. We released our Essentials Tier, which comes with online agreements and our client portal. We are also now available on the Google Play Store for all Android Devices. We also made a lot of improvements and additions to the Free Tier of Inspector Toolbelt. Check it out!

We just released our report delivery system! Now you can upload your reports and Inspector Toolbelt will deliver them for you! We have some other great features coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned

We have added another great new feature to Inspector Toolbelt - Our new Contacts Feature. Click Here to learn more about it!

We are releasing FOUR new features this week! Here are the first two: Custom Time Frames and Referral Sources. Great features to help you manage your time, clients, and marketing efforts. Just another reasons to use Inspector Toolbelt!

Our newest features! Full 2-way Google calendar sync (which is stinkin awesome) and our new “My Stats” feature!