Home Inspector Pro 3.2.3 for Mac and Windows Out

3.2.3 for Mac and Windows is out! Check out all the new features below!! I included the features that were listed from the last few beta versions too as most guys didn’t download those. I listed them in order they were added. Full design changes and bug fixes as well are listed here: http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&Itemid=183&jfile=index.php&topic=4041.0

To download the latest version click Download Trial at the top of our site or log into our site and click on Home Inspector Pro Downloads if you are a current user.

New Feature: Stationery added! Go to Report Settings->Stationery to select a PDF file to use as stationery the report will print over. Great for giving your report a custom look.

New Feature: Added a new item separator, double spaced numbering.

New Feature: Add Caption button added to damage panel editor. This feature allows you to add commonly used captions into a damage panel. These ‘captions’ will ALWAYS show up in the caption area for photos when you select the section & item without needing to move the comment to black/red.

New Feature: Support for Cryllic characters used in languages like Czech were added.

New Feature: Added options to delete templates and inspections from the cloud via the Mobile Sync section.

New Feature: RecallChek integration added!

New Feature: Progress bars added to upload/downoad for mobile sync.

New Feature: Added a French Template!

New Feature: Added an “Add Note” button when editing/adding narratives that inserts a [NOTE]] for you to save time. It automatically selects the word NOTE so you can just start typing to replace with your own without having to highlight anything.

New Feature: Added in Internationalization (i18n) features which allow the entire HIP interface to be translated into other languages. Go to Edit->Program Language to choose the interface language in the program.

New Feature: Added in a French Internationalization file.

New Feature: Added in Mobile Sync to allow uploading of templates to the cloud to be opened on Android devices.

New Feature: Added in Mobile Sync to allow downloading of inspections started on an Android phone that have been uploaded to the cloud.

New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts now work with drop down boxes to slot photos. Use tab/shift tab to go forwards & backwards between boxes. Click the down arrow to open a box, select an item and click enter to automatically open the items box. You can also use the keyboard to automatically jump to a letter.

New Feature: Alternative rating options were added. Instead of just having an X you can have multiple different styles of X and check marks. Click Report Settings->Ratings->Rating Options to try them out!

New Feature: Ability to add borders to photos of any color and variable thickness. Go to Report Settings->Options to choose your options.

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