Inspectors offering Energy Management Surveys.

I am also working on a PowerPoint course (maybe for state CE submission) on Thermal Imaging.

I helped work on this technology at the University of Chicago , in 1979 (used then for sports injury and breast cancer. The physics is faily simple, you just need a little experience to learn how. I have even been getting some calls, specifically for thermal imaging.

I will be sending the PowerPoint to NACHI for distribution to members. Hope to finish it this week.

Hope this helps;

Sounds good, Will, look forward to it. I’m interested some in thermal imaging.

What you sent me a couple weeks ago looked good Will. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

With the cost of fuel going up and up I think this may have a bright future. I would like to hear more.

Check out I was the first and only person to take their course in a corepondance fashion. It’s not difficult at all, it just takes a little time to go through all the slides and read the info. You can call Steve Luxton 1-866-843-5500. He is a good guy and will answer your questions. Maybe you can take the course like I did if they are not going to offer it in your area. I had to sweet talk the President of HETU to do it.


The home tune up program is of no value in Florida. The state has their own course and it is a regulated profession in Florida. If you are offering energy audits in Florida with home tune up then you are contracting without a license. You will be subject to arrest and at the very minimum a great deal of cost and wasted time. At worst about 10 days in the Duval County jail. The second offense is a third degree felony.


A little help here

Checking a home for energy loss can mean many things and done many ways

The only regs I know about in Florida is if you are trying to give an energy rating to a home so people can get a tax credit

An audit - tuneup - survey - etc. should all be ok –

There are a lot of home inspectors in Florida doing the above and no one is going to jail that I have heard about.

If they are wrong then lets get the word out so fellow inspectors do not get hurt.

So what is the true story??


Hi Richard,

I believe that Greg is correct I don’t believe that the state regulations make any distinction as to the purpose of the energy audit, just that if you are acting in that area that you must have the appropriate license.

BTW, That possition was also agreed with by Steve Luxton from CMC when I discussed it with him at our national convention.



Gerry if so we have some Florida NACHI members that we need to get the word out to

Boy that sure hurts the IR camera market - Next they will require a license to own one


Richard, I think that is a seperate issue as most who are using infrared thermography are using the equipment to find moisture related issues.

Also when they are using the equipment to report that insulation is missing I do not believe that that could be construed as performing any type of energy auditing.




Quite some time ago I remember at one of your Chapter meetings you handed this info out. Did you ever get your Class 3? Looking at the dates, I just might get it done.

Hi Jay,

I agree, which class are you thinking of the September or the December?




Looking at the Class 2&3 in December.

Ditto, I am out of state for the Sept one, but the period between thanksgiving and Christmas is always slow for me, might be a good time to get it done.



I don’t see how this limits energy audits etc. We would not be doing home energy rating.

Besides the software costs are too high.

I think progress energy and most other utilities still offer the service for FREE and I be that their people are not certified.

Gerry I agree they should not look at a person using an IR camera to inspect a home as someone who is in their back yard.

The person with the camera is looking for problems that the STATE CERTIFIED person will never see with his software package.

BUT we all sort of agree that some HI’s are in the states back yard and could be in trouble


Hi Jay,

I never did attend the class. I understand that FABI will be having it at one of their weekend events. I will probably wait and take it there.

FREA does not offer coverage. Check with your carrier.

Gregthe link did not work