Infrared Camera Course

I just Got my new Flir Camera and have signed up for the level one course .
I understand there is a beginners course on the net.
I can not find it, has any one ideas on where it is .
I would like to go to class with a little more knowledge so I do not look to much like a gook when I get there .
Thanks … Cookie

GEEK not the above, Roy

See my post even shows what kind of a person I am…

Email on its way! :slight_smile:

Here you go Roy, I took this course and found it pretty good, best of all it’s free :wink:



Sheesh, I doubt that!!

Thanks to Bill, Gerry and others ,You all have again shown how great the NACHI members are .
… Cookie

Thanks to all great course ( I passed ) I am just a small bit smarter then before now I do feel better as when I take the level one course I just might understand what they are trying to teach me .
What a great bunch of Members on the NACHI site so much help so much information freely traded .
Thanks every body
… Cookie

Roy, do you have Wills PP, it’s a big help.

Yes and every other bit of info I can get and look at thanks for the reminder .
… Cookie

Good luck Roy, thermal imaging is very exciting, to me anyway.

I booked a thermal inspection for a 10 year old house that the client has a hard time heating. He suspects the windows where never insulated and before he starts ripping all the trim off he wants to verify it with IR.

By the way, he works at the Nuke plant and found me through my web site, my point is he is educated about what he wants and knows the limitations.

His window rough stud openings are, maybe at worst, 1-2% of his problem, if not sealed with low expansion foam. Peter, are you an experienced energy auditor/builder/retrofitter with a blower door and furnace efficiency test equipment also? You may need all those skills/equipment on top of IR to analyze his house. Does the house have an HRV? Are you familiar with their individual operating regimes?

We have a national energy audit program here in Canada that didn’t include some of those critical parts- some of the recommendations coming out are way off base!!! For example: Replacing a good boiler that is 81% efficient at a cost of $4,000 will have a payback of 15-20 years. They didn’t tell the owner that though!!!



Practice, Practice and then Practice some more.You will know this camera inside and out in no time (well maybe not inside).
Looking forward to seeing you at the course.

Brian it never seems to end . I get people who are buying a home they are 60+ and they say we know it need a new roof and we are thinking of a metal roof what is you thoughts .
I tell them my openion . Well 25 year shingles should cost about $3,500;00 and a metal roof will cost about 3 times as much ~ $10,000:00.
I am not a real lover of metal roofs because when you go to sell you will not get any more money for a metal roof.
They are also prone to loose their snow in one fell swoop so you need avalanche guards.
In this area most people only live in their home for about 8 years so I wonder do you think it is a good idea to spend $7,000;00 on a roof when you could have a great trip to Europe and still have money left over .
Most go for shingles and save much money.
… Cookie



Good luck with the new camera :slight_smile:


Brian, I may be mistaken and if I am I’m sure you will let me know, but do you really have to discredit everything you read on this BB. Most of what we post are just snippets of what we are actually doing in our business.

Sometimes, in my opinion of course, you come across as a know it all and no I don’t have a blower door and all the trinkets that go along with energy audits, which by the way is not what I’m doing.

Why don’t you cough up the 289 bucks, join NACHI and stop slamming everyone because we don’t do things like you do in your area

Thanks Kevin Much appreciated . I just keep plugging along .

Enjoy every minute of every day, The only way to fly .



Peter .
I must have read Brian’s report a little different then You.
I think he was wondering why those who in Canada who do the blower door test Talk people into buying a new furnace with a long pay back when the 81% furnace is very adequate .


To be honest with you I don’t know where he’s coming from, I never said I was doing a energy audit only that I booked a IR inspection to see if cold air is coming in around the windows due to lack of insulation, which is what my client requested and because he works at the nuclear power plant and sought me out because of my web site and was familiar with IR technology I assumed I was providing a service to him.

According to Brian I seem to be wrong.

Damn Cookie…you beat me buying one…:lol: …glad to hear that…!!!

Now I have one more great inspector to take notes from…!!!

I think by the time I get one I won’t need any schooling…its all right here…:lol: