"Inspectors Quarterly" awarded Trademark. We're reprinting the newspaper again.

“Inspectors Quarterly” has been awarded a Trademark on the Principal Register.

We are working on re-opening the newspaper for publication again.

That is what got me to join NACHI. I hope you do not write like the NACHI newsletter. Got to be the worst newsletter I have ever seen. Nothing but adverstisements.

I agree not a newsletter more like an advertising insert in the Sunday paper

It has the craziest high open rate of any newsletter and has for more than 10 years, so someone likes it.

We publish all of our articles online already, no one wants more articles. Inspectors like to learn about industry products and services… and they like advice videos. Gotta give the people what they want.

How many inspectors are wanting to read sales pitches from vendors every month? Please speak up now.

Nick, you need use the newspaper to sell NACHI inspectors to Realtors. That would give inspectors more value. Imagine a paper deliverd on each real estate person’s desk or snail mail inbox telling them why to they should be referring InterNACHI inspectors. You could not get better branding for NACHI.

Vendor ads are super popular second only to Ben’s videos. Look, we don’t decide what goes in the enewsletter… click through counters do. Inspectors like to see what vendors have to offer. It must be like going to the mall I guess.

Atlantic City supports this contention. We literally had to have the hotel shut the lights off in the vendor hall to encourage inspectors to leave at the end of the day.