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I think NACHI is a great organization and NACHI continues to provie a multitude of benefits to both new and seasoned inspectors. Everytime I visit the web site I read about how NACHI continues to grow by leaps and bounds, also great. However, as a 3-year plus member, I wish I could just receive an issue of IQ. I haven’t received an issue of Inspector’s Quarterly for over a year and unlike the response I received from NACHI, current issues are not available via the web site.

Is anyone else receiving the IQ? Is it really available on line? I think the IQ is a great publication. I just wish I could get my hands on a current issue if one exists.

Thank you in advance for responses,


Kevin, I believe there is only one tattered copy left. Last I checked it was last seen in Virginia heading west, you should see it sometime in mid 07.:slight_smile:


I haven’t seen a new issue of Inspectors Quarterly in a long time.

You might try contacting and ask what happened. Come back and post if you receive an answer.:slight_smile:

How many issues have you seen Michael?

The following pdf files compromise the issues of Inspector’s Quarterly (I.Q.). You will have to open each one to read the whole issue (file was to large). Be patient, they are a little slow to download.

Inspector’s Quarterly, November 2005, Pages 1-11
Inspector’s Quarterly, November 2005, Pages 12-22 Inspector’s Quarterly, November 2005, Pages 23-32

Inspector’s Quarterly, April 2005, Pages 1-16
Inspector’s Quarterly, April 2005, Pages 17-24
Inspector’s Quarterly, April 2005, Pages 25-32

Inspector’s Quarterly, January 2005, Pages 1-10
Inspector’s Quarterly, January 2005, Pages 11-20
Inspector’s Quarterly, January 2005, Pages 21-32


I have all these but none for this year 2006???

Hummmmm well… I wish I had a good answer for you. The last time I asked Nick about it he said it was in the making. Email him and see what his responce is

That’s what I suggested Kevin should do.:wink:

Thanks for posting the links to the existing issues for others to download.:smiley:

Another project…fallen by the wayside. But we don’t need a solid, formal organizational plan to manage growth and maintain the steady development of projects.:roll:

Thanks for the responses. It is hard for me to criticize Nick or NACHI. Everyone is working hard to continue advancing a great organization (NACHI). But my frustration grows when I read daily comments like, “ now over 77,000 inspectors big” and “30 more inspectors joined NACHI in the past 2 days” and “mega NACHI booths at Expo,” etc. What I’m looking for (as an existing member) is quality over quantity. NACHI started publishing the IQ and I found it to be a very good and informative benefit as an existing NACHI member. I don’t care how big we’re getting, what about staying current with what we had that us existing members can enjoy? Or just state that other areas are more important and the IQ will no longer be available, etc. Oh well, enough from me on this subject.


I agree with Kevin.

Ooops, sorry guys. Reminder again: I don’t follow about 99% of all threads. If you need me somewhere, email me at with the URL of the thread.

Anyway, with regard to print media like I.Q., I don’t think we’ll do it again (on paper) for a while for several reasons.

  1. The world changed. is so now more interactive (ranked at the top of the entire internet in terms of crosslinks, the message board, downloadable files, PowerPoints, online tutorials, online exams, online courses, etc) than it ever was and it makes a black and white newspaper seem old fashioned… and it is. Ben Franklin published a newspaper.

  2. Aimee once calculated that every issue of I.Q. lead to roughly 1,000 new members and we just don’t need another 1,000 members.

  3. I.Q. causes our phones to ring off the hook because, unlike the links aren’t live and everyone calls and starts asking where they can find more about this or that… a problem that is solved easily with crosslinks online.

  4. Unlike, some of the information in I.Q. is outdated by the time it is read. It is no match for the frantic pace of

  5. I.Q. was on the list of things we determined attracted unwanted, non-technical newbies. We’ve actually done much to detract newbies. You won’t find licensing information for each state any more on, you won’t find “so ya wannabe an inspector” articles on, you won’t find many “Intro” courses offered at our educational events, etc. We do everything we can to dissuade non-techie newbies from being attracted to us… you know, the kind that despite us having the largest websites in the industry… find us first by newspaper. Ugh, let them go to another association.

  6. Everything redundantly found in I.Q. was first published at

  7. The hype inside is nothing more than preaching to the choir or for attracting newbies. Neither of which we are interested in doing. Existing members aren’t going to join again… they’re already members.

  8. Members would rather us put our energies into print media that makes them money… so we did, see #9.

  9. Our Home Head Start Guide has already begun shipping by the case

  10. And looking toward the future, our Real Property Times paper (yes Russ, your Chicago issue is first in line) had a Trademark issue that resolved in our favor and the mark has completed the period for opposition. This, like #9 will make members money, I.Q. doesn’t.

  11. I’ll have something amazing for you in 2 weeks. You won’t be sorry.

Our superior organizational skill set is what allows us to manage NACHI’s fast-paced growth and using sound decisions regarding energy deployment we are able to maintain the steady development of the projects that help our members most. :wink: bla bla bla…

Do I misunderstand you, Nick? NACHI dosen’t want new inspectors joining any more? Please say it isn’t so. NACHI took me in out of the cold, and offered me a warm welcome and full membership with great benefits, when other clubs only wanted my dues and sneered at my newness. The membership here is like a big family reunion every day, with new cousins and inlaws, some goofy, some way too serious and stern, but mostly everyone trying to help each other become or stay successful and safe. Maybe I’m missing the “big picture” and just zeroed in on a few statements. Please straighten me out if I’m wrong.

You are wrong. I’m working on everyone I know to cap NACHI out at 10,000 and let members sell their seats when they leave the business, retire, sell, die or whatever. We can auction each departing member’s seat and give the money to the member leaving. I think it would be the greatest thing. I’ve spoken to many at ASHI about it last week as at a dinner I was invited to (me and 40 ASHIettes) to discuss industry trends and what we need to get our fees up (something I’ve given much thought to).

While we are on the subject of publications…

Realty Times??? In every ReMax office…

Let’s play fair Nick…Whats up with the printing press???

Just curious.

By the way no IQ in 6 months?

Todd, read above, post #12.

Damn, Then why are you offering folks memberships at a lower cost/

I know for a fact that you offered someone in AZ a membership renual at a lowered rate, I just wish he would have taken it.

BTW, it is not “Realty Times” and never was… that was the Trademark issue we had to fight first. It was “Real Property Times.” See for an update.

Some inspectors I’d pay to have them join NACHI and some I wouldn’t want if they paid $5,000. Bloodline is everything.

If you want to start a 10,000 cap thread, start it. Off topic.