Insufficient Garage Furnace Burner Height

Hi, Does anyone know of any loopholes on gas fired appliance being a minimum of 18" off the floor inside a garage? It is currently 10" off the slab, and there is a 3.5" step up to the furnace level. The garage does have 2 vents to the outside for combustion make up air, they are near ground level.

John Paul, I don’t know of any loop holes to the height of the flame (ignition source) off of the garage floor which is 18", as you noted, unless it is a sealed unit for intake and exhaust…Lo siento.

The only loophole or exception to the 18 inch rule is if the furnace or appliance is listed and/or labeled as FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant).

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I don’t know why I had furnace on my mind…but, I did…Oh, well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks Larry! There is room to wall off and seal the area from the garage, making a separate enclosure. I think that is a possibility! :smiley:

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Good point, John Paul! I hadn’t thought of that.

This may be your garage?

Well your response gave me that aha idea, like a good teacher I thought you did so intentionally :grinning:

No, I wish LOL. But I am also one of the enemy, a Realtor, like Nick Gromicko haha. Looking for a cheaper solution than having a HVAC guy redoing the vents for a Listing. The house is in great condition from an inspector point of view.

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