Insulated Knob and Tube?

What do you think? House attic has Knob and Tube, there is old flat batts of Rock Wool beneath it about 1 1/2" thick, 2X6 joists, the joists have boards covering them,(mostly nailed down) then some one covered all the boards with unfaced 4" batts of fiberglass insulation. Does this qualify for the Knob and Tube being covered with insulation?

Thanks, Steve

Yes Knob and tube is now obsolete and should be upgraded .
Its like a 1938 Chev Great car back then .
Mechanical brakes did a not bad job .
Today you would never use one to go on holidays or drive across country . Well that is what your knob and tube old dried out wire insulation and it is not much good todays equipment.
A fire just waiting to happen .

Roy Cooke

“The residence is wired with suspect knob-and-tube wiring, which was commonly installed prior to 1950. It is ungrounded and over time the wire’s insulation may become brittle and fall apart or wear thin, resulting in exposed conductors and a risk of shock and/or fire. The hazard is increased by covering it with insulation (a common practice), and incorrectly tapping new wiring into it. The wiring should be evaluated by an electrician and certified as being safe or replaced.”

What a great reply Joe. Sounds like a useful statement in an inspection report.

…add it to the Library of Narratives…if you haven’t already.

Buyers’ will not be able to get insurance with the knob-and-tube wiring. Great narrative Joe!

Have a licensed electric pro go over the whole house.