insulating rafters

That is unfortunate Brian.
I the locations I frequent, they are helpful and even supply contractors with manufactures teaching them how to use there products properly.
I just meant to advice him on learning before building because he put the cart before the horse.
You state a good example towards building practices and I overstepped my statement by being so general.
I was just amazed by the lack of knowledge he had and why he even came into InterNACHI looking for advice.

Can not be so general in your statements Brian.
Christan or not means " MORAL FACTOR " to me Brian.
Big in my book.
And if you are going to follow me around then come to my home and wash my car.

Actually some of us are builders…lol…and have no problem giving advice.



I learned from one of the best!

BTW, I wish I could send you some of my ESSO points for a car wash.

I understand I have built ALL MY LIFE.
Its the free bee’s and the want to bee’s, they will tell 2 people that will tell 2 people and so on and so on.
Remember that commercial?
This is a MB for home inspection and home inspectors and I pay for the right to be here.
Its not a building trades web-sight to help non paying members build a home.
There can be liabilities ,by giving non paying members advice on building practice’s.
Think about it.

I like my trrucks to have the best job done Brain.
That is why I came to you.
I also do a good job so I leave those esso carwashes far behind.
I like mirrors , paint, and my ladder racks on my trucks.:mrgreen:

Merry Christmas Ldapkus.
I saw him here before.
I am not being mean but with everything going on he could be using INACHI as bate of some other purpose.
I think its wrong thats all.

Used to be a regular poster and an all-NACHI supporter…but now he’s marching to a different drum…having seen what “certification” and **good **training is really all about!

I can not see it any other way but some care not.
I get tired of talking only to have the smart asses come back.
Well not see me here much more.
I still wonder why you are there?

Brian you use to be an INACHI supporter.
I boggles my mind how any association can put up with your fuc–ing dribble.
Like I said before.
I bet you had your *** kicked in school if you carried on like that.
You are text book and that’s for sure.
Real world,you are clueless.

Well Mr young not to mean either but no one foced you to comment.All posting are strictly optional. Secondly not everyone here is a professional builder and nowhere does it say people cannot ask for advice from those willing to give it. This is an open forum.

I am quite glad you think you can determine what people are capable of from a simply posting. Secondly this question was not about building anything.

Does it make you happier about the whole situation if i describe the roof as a shed type roof with a 2 in 10 slope? I was just a general question sorry I wasn’t technical enough for you. Also if you read the postthe room exists already. This is simply a question about insulating as I had never come across it before.

Again I built nothing. Its existing. And yes If i was to build something I would be sure it met code. If you were really worried about someone buying it wouldn’t it just be easier to let people get good advice??

Again… not building it so this is the beginning. A room this small is not worth the price to have someone spray it in my opinion. Also I have heard some really poor advice come out of the mouths of people working in supply shops. From contractors as well for that matter

Saved money on what??? I have not spent any money yet. The point of my question was to ask advice from those who may have encountered a situation I have not. I thought that was a good way to learn.

I am not trying to be mean either but I dont appreciate when assumptions are made about me when you know nothing about me.

Happy holidays

using you for electric work??? really. the question was strictly a code related question. Nothing about how to do anything. The question was

“Under NEC does a wall mounted or baseboard heater have to be on a dedicated circuit??”

how does that possible ask you how to do electric work??

Not to mention that I have spoken to 3 inspectors on this and got 2 different answers and was told that code on my situation in a laundry room is kind of gray…but not the topic

I am amazed how you even constructed this idea in your head. Did ask for help building anything??? No the room exists already. Just asking a question on something I never encountered before and thought perhaps someone could help.

Many thanks to those of you who have been very helpful with info.

This is an open forum. Dont reply if you dont want to. Some people would rather offer sound advice than see someone learn the hard way. There is a members only section for which you pay.

I want to seriously thank the people who shared some info. This was a situation I never encountered before and figured you guys had. I am going to go with one of the shed roof vent available from a few places. It seems like the best venting option for the situation. Thank you again for your free information.

One last post for you Brian.
I am still helpful and certified and as for training I can not be the judge of that it would be bias.
I know I have helped and that’s all that counts.
I will stop commenting on your asinine childish behavior but to say this.
I truly do not know many here and other places that like you.
Your arrogance is obnoxious and your know-it-all approach is so tiring its to the point of deafening.
Your name will be remembered well and not for it’s contributions in aiding residential building inspection but as that know-it-all that thought he was the doctrine of building practices itself.
When you are judged by our Father he will make sure you understand the concept of humility.
Till then have fun but not on my behalf anymore.
I will not reply.
Good luck on learning to be helpful, instead of being pompous and arrogant.

I understand Robert however this guy had a question which in my opinion does not constitute an HI coming out to inspect it. I think he was however looking to the HI industry (forum) to give him some insight in regards to what ramifications there may be if the roof is not ventilated.

A knowledgeable HI (or even GC for that matter) can answer those questions with enough information about the project.

As to liabilities in giving free advice…well unless he’s asking for medical advice or other advice in other fields for which I am not knowledgeable then I see no liability issues (Joe Ferry may or may not agree).

We as inspectors and builders dispense advice all the time…heck, one can cruise through any of the forums and find bad advice being given from inspectors to inspectors…quite frankly its gets pretty pathetic to read at times…especially when it is coming from those who portray themselves as CMI’s or some other advertising gimmick initials.
I am more concerned with crap like that then a person who may not be a member yet is coming to NACHI because they feel they can get sound advice and or information readily available.



You are quite right in everything you say.
I to enjoy helping others and strive to be a better human-being every day.
Its the obvious liability that help like this presents to the inspector and to the association as a whole.
1: the wrong help is submitted to an individual.
he uses it ( the one asking for help ) verbatim and it fails and turns out to jeopardize health and limb.
He saved the message on the INACHI MB to follow directions.
The HI can be held liable? or INACHI ?
See how I phrase the answer.
If information like this publicized and the public want to, they turn it into a nightmare for InterNACHI.
Tony B an electrician was back just days ago.( hope I have his name right )
He used the InterNACHI form and MB for his own personal smear campaign to laugh at residential building inspectors and the industry as a whole.
So I caution anyone giving practical building example over the MB.
There was no diagram of his building, no carpentry terminology used by this man, no roofing terminology to explain a simple cavity he wanted to insulate., no idea as to how to even find a place or person to answer his insulating questions, other than come to the MB.
And he was building a extension on his home that you will be inspecting one day.
I see everything wrong with this picture.
If I had a hammer and pouch I would be out there helping him build, as sure as you and I are talking about this situation.
As for advice over the INCHI message board.
Dangerous.( remember ,to me ) just my thoughts.
Thanks Mr.Haynes for being so civil in this discussion.

It would be nice to remember the good part Mr.L
If I had a pouch I would help you.
I will leave it at that seeing you are mad at me.
I meant no harm at you, its dispensing free advice over the INACHI board to non members that,s the gripe here.
Sorry you where the reference to the point I was trying to make.
Its your home and I hope you enjoy it with health and happiness Mr.L.
No use getting mad at me because you had to ask questions. Is there?
It gets lost in the translation, but if you only read it for its value.through.
I did not mean to make you mad.

I have a less than 100 sq ft room off the back my house** I am finishing.** The roof is gently sloped and ties into the back wall of my house well below the rest of the roof line.** I want to insulate it when I finish it **and to be sure I am doing it the right way.
Yes you are right now that I read it.
Not really. Being honest.
See Mr.L again I am relating what I have read.
You are finishing , to me meaning you started something.
I am wrong with the interpretation, then I excuse myself.
I am angry every day seeing what others call " not a big thing " go unchecked.
If left unchecked they become unmanageable and everyone wants the same treatment.
I am making my point again and hopefully you understand.
I see you do not take contractors advice , supply store advice but come to home inspectors for advice.
We are trained to view by visual means only.
So I still do not see the relevance here yet.
Maybe I would be pissed to Mr.L but I am looking through my eyes seeing what harm can be done and trying to avoid this practice all together and you see it through your eyes.
Meaning you deserve it because you do.
I can not stop people helping you and only wish you to find solutions to your questions.
But contractors, supply store and home inspectors all have different abilities and I would be at a contractor asking questions.
Bet 50 percent would avoid me.
You came asking code questions and again" we are not code inspectors".Why get mad at Roy?
Does this make any sense to you at all?.
But that’s me.
There is a ton of relevant information out there Mr.L it easy to access.
best of luck with your project and May out Father grant you all the knowledge you are looking for.
Merry Christmas.