Roof Ventilation ??

Hi Inspectors,

I just looked at this house, which is Brand new construction. I am puzzled on something. There are no soffit vents, and there are no roof vents on the house! Also, there are no gable vents.

Am I COMPLETELY missing something,or is this just plain bad construction. I was under the assumption that you needed 1sq foot of ventilation for every 150sq feet of attic.

The house is a rancher with a finished basement. I looked in the attic and did not see any kind of venting system? I do not know what code is in this area on this, but it just seems wrong any way you slice it.

What are your thoughts on this, I would appreciate your input!



Is it a “Sealed Attic”?


I don’t think it would fall in the “sealed attic” catagory because there is no ridge vent? It seem from what you sent (and thank you), there would need to be a ridge vent.

Then how about an unvented attic system, SIPS, or one of the foams?


Could it be the home has a continuous open vent under the drip edge?


I didn’t see any “daylight” when I was viewing the attic.

I’ve only seen this vent system once and it was not nearly as easy to see light as we do soffit vents with baffles around the insulation.

Just a thought:

However it still doesn’t explain why there’s no roof ventilation unless somehow you may have accidentally missed the vents because they are on one side of the house only. But like you had mentioned, no visible daylight…



Actually I walked the house 3 times looking everywhere, and did not see any Roof vents or soffit vents. I walked it 3 times because I think I was in disbelief.

I believe you, just one last shot at it. :cool:

Any other “takers” on this one?

Ive seen this type before, you can see any of the “holes” unless you get up on a ladder.


possible…however, without any outlet venting toward the top of the structure, i hardly see how it could be affective in this application.

A few years ago I did an inspection on a eleven year old home the roof was done ,curling most granule’s gone .
I went into attic and saw no roof vents .
Wondered how I could be so stupid to walk the roof completely and not notice no vents .
Went back out side and looked from the ground and counted 4 roof vents went back into attic they had not cut holes four vents and no ventilation .
Shingles gone completely in 11 years no leaks yet that I could see.

Roy Cooke .

Wow Roy,

That is what I see this roof doing if not corrected to proper ventilation.
Thanks for sharing that.


I have seen an attic in town that has nor roof ventilation as well. There was insulation (spray in) on the plywood on the ceiling in the attic. Believe it or not, the city inspectors made this builder run a bigger air conditioner to condition the attic area. YES. The city would not give a C.O. until this attic was heated and cooled. First I’ve ever seen or heard of but thought I would share.

Well worth the read .

Roy Cooke