Insulation in a vented crawl space

I live in Alabama. I see insulation put in with the paper up against the floor and with the paper facing out. Which is right? If wrong, do you note it on the inspection as installed improperly or fire hazard?

Much good information is available on Google Example

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Thanks, do you note it on your inspection

Please read this as you live in the south where the warm moist air is on the outside in an air conditioned home: In or Out? Where Does the Paper Facing of Batt Insulation Go?

Regardless, fiberglass batt insulation in crawlspaces is junk and should be treated as such - throw it in the trash where it belongs. It will almost always be detrimental vs. beneficial.

Paper up as the manufacture states , yes put in your report , Likely contaminated with moisture , Best not to be there . Any fungus on it? How close to the ground was it ? any vapor barrier down? was it sealed proper ?

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Good one thanks Marcel .

Thanks Marcel good stuff again.

Yes fungus on it.
Crawl Space 30 inches high.
Moisture barrier tore and not sealed.
How high does the crawl space need to be for batt insulation?

I wouldn’t want to do repairs any lower than that.

The paper should face the interior of the building. It’s a moisture barrier.

Who cares? Don’t use it! If it’s currently there, recommend getting rid of it, throwing it in the trash where it belongs, and properly insulating the rim joist and foundation walls accordingly with foamboard or spray foam.
It’s junk and should be treated as such.

A good read about crawlspaces.

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If we can see the paper label, it’s wrong anyway as every manufacturer I’ve seen states to cover the Kraft paper due to fire / spread hazard.