New Installation method for Batt Insulation

Comments? 2005 build. Maybe I am to picky.

The insulation runs over pipes and beams. The manufacturers instructions call for all batt roll insulation to be placed paper side down on the ceiling board. In this present condition this is considered a fire hazard.

The insulation was installed with the paper side up. The paper side of the insulation should be flat against the ceiling board. When the insulation is paper side up, it is considered to be a fire hazard.

Will keep the home nice and cozy

No, you are not too picky! Lazy a-s-s contractor!

brown down !

Looks like crap to me. Look at all that air flow going through that insulation too.

Nope your not to picky.
Had one just like it several months ago. Owner did it and at least he sealed the electrical holes. He did go up and fix it after inspection.

They did that in Maine? It’s friggin cold up there:shock:

It helped explain why they were using 900 gallons of heating oil for a 1600 sf house.

They had radiant heating system also and the furnace was set at 145 degrees for the radiant tubing. The furnace ran all the time I was there.
It is common to have that set at 90-130.
Slab temperatures averaged at about 82 degrees that I checked.

Read this…

In the case of the photos, it does not matter because the paper does not even act as a vapor retarder due to the haphazard installation, but the key point here is that it was not installed per manufactures recommendation for optimum performance and it needs repair to maintain the insulation factor require for the attic envelope.
I actually recommended to install a blown cellulose insulation to fill all the voids creating the heat loss.

It truly amazes me how little it takes to eliminate nearly all insulation performance when improperly installed.

See it installed wrong more than I do right, so it must be right, right?:smiley:

have the fuel oil nozzle checked too, too large = too much oil

Sad thing is I have run into this before. Choose your contractors wisely:roll: