Insurance Company? Have you heard...

Has anyone heard of or use NAPLIA (North Amican Professional Liability Insurance Agency) as their E&O and Liability Incurance carrier? It seems that they have some really inexpensive rates and are at least $600.00 cheaper then some of the “other” well known companys posted around here. Please let me know what you think and let me know if you had any experience dealing with them. It looks like they are based out of Framingham, MA.



Good for you asking Questions, about 5 years ago there was a company who sold a lot of home inspectors insurance for a lower rate.
A lot of Home Inspectors bought insurance and now the super sales man is living in a Caribbean island on their money.

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Check with the BBB and the MA Attorney General’s office to see if they have any complaints on file.

Thanks for the info. I did just check the BBB and they are a real company and have been for several years. They have had zero complaints and are a member of the BBB. Anyway, they sound OK…so far. However, if I ever have to put in a claim that may be another story. But aren’t all insurance companies the same? Thanks!

Not at all. What type of E & O is it? Claims made or Occurence? Does it cover you on past inspections performed while you had their insurance if you have to drop it? Do they come with a recomendatioon from a reputable insurance agent?