E&O Insurance

I’m trying to decide on which E&O/General Liability Insurance company to go with. I’ve been looking at Inspectorpro and OREP. Those of you who use one of these companies do you think one is better than the other or is there another company that you would suggest?


I use David Wicker with CH Insurance. Dave was not only competitive but after being able to call him for advise I would pay even more. I got WDO coverage for approximately the same price as my old provider with way more service. I don’t shop around anymore.

Here is his contact info:
David Wicker Account Executive - CH Insurance
Phone - 315-552-5334
Email - dwicker@chinsurance.cc

Brandon Bedsaul
KVRI Home and Structural Pest Inspections
Washington School of Home Inspection

Inspector Pro
I have been with them since 2007


[FONT=“Times New Roman”] E & O is not required inGeorgia.
[FONT=“Times New Roman”]Do any Home Inspectors, buy insurance that is notrequired by state? [/FONT][/FONT]

Yes, of course. You never know what might happen.


Paul - how much do you pay each year with an agency/broker fee?

I think with everything it is around $1600.00 a year
$500,000 per occurence
$1000 deductable

Hey Paul - what carrier do they have you insured through? Sounds like Houston? Does ALIA charge any additional agency fees of their own?

Does your State require auto insurance if you drive a car?
If not, would you drive without insurance?

Now that you mention it it is Houston. I forgot till you mentioned it.
I don’t have the policy handy but it appeared to be pretty good.
Inspector Pro which I am looking at when I renew in June is about $300 more, haven’t compared them side by side yet.
Come renew time I will see how Inspector Pro compares, might be worth $300 more.

No insurance is required here in Kansas but you better believe I have GL and E&O. No question!

Diddo Double!

Exactly . I was just checking the field to feel out everyone.
Don’t do an inspection without it.

Gee, I think that I heard that somewhere.