Insurance for new inspector.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction on where to find insurance for a new inspector. I stopped at a couple local insurance companies today with out sucess. I do live in maine if that makes a differance.

Inspector Pro Insurance. Contact InterNACHI’s rep Will Colton at:

They are the best.


We would love to get you a quote. Im confident we can get you the best coverage at the best price.

CLICK HERE to complete our online application and I will turn around a quick quote.


I just completed the application, thanks guys


Make sure the website gives you confirmation that it is complete. I don’t see that it has come through on my end.

It says thank you for submitting. I sent it again to make sure

Got it. I should have your quote ready in about 15 minutes.

I figured I’d just post here myself.

Will Colton got me covered, even after I shopped around on him (Sorry Will! :slight_smile: ) (turns out the “cheap places” did not cover Home Inspectors and Will advised me to check that!.)

Thanks again, Will!

-Carl Frendzel

Oh, another thing, Check your SPAM folder if you are expecting something from Will and not getting it. Gmail was dumping everything from Will and his Team into my spam folder. I had to tell Gmail it was not SPAM several times.