Need to find new insurance

Hey guys,
So I’ve just been informed that my insurance is going up, not to sure why I’ve never had a claim. Anyway could you all reply with who you use and if youre happy with them.

Who is your insurer?

Juan just asked the question I was about to.

I am sure we all want to know who is raising rates.

I use my State farm agent that we have all our insurance with.

Regardless, I am leaving them and would like to get your opinions on where to look.

After searching, I found The Hartford has given me the best price and after 4 years they have never gone up on the premium.

I have insurance through Ben Garrison at the Hartford as well

Will Colton at Inspector Pro
Citadel Insurance Services
826 East State Rd. - Suite 100
American Fork, UT 84003

(801) 610-2713](tel:%28801%29%20610-2713) (Direct)
(801) 610-2701](tel:%28801%29%20610-2701) (Fax)
(866) 916-9419](tel:%28866%29%20916-9419)(Toll Free)

I’ve used Will also.

Get a quote from both…

Ben L. Garrison Elite MGA Exton, PA (302) 598-3893

Will Colton of Inspector Pro Insurance:

I have the Hartford as well.


Be careful with Inspector Pro, their rates go up every year. The customer service leaves a lot to be desired also. I won’t wait until the last minute to find new insurance next year.

Thanks for the replies fellows!

Inspector Pro emailed me today to notify of my renewal. They are increasing my rate 7%. No claims to date. Stated that it an across the board increase.

Matt, please give me a call and we can discuss your insurance options.


I just contacted all three agents mentioned here. Thanks for the info.