Price of a Home Inspection in Florida

A prospective client called me today to book an inspection here on Long Island. I gave her the rate ($485). She told me that in Florida the going rate for a complete Home Inspection is $175 - $200. Please tell me that isn’t true. :neutral:

I think it likely is. Not from me though. We are Super Saturated.

there are three maybe four regions in Florida. for me up to the first two thousand square foot under roof is $300.with other things to consider.I’m sorry there is no exact answer for you.

or you could tell her this aint Kansas and she aint Dorothy!

…you advertise on your site inspections starting at $200.00. No?

We have guys that do them for $199 doen here. Welcome to Florida.

I am about $325 under 2,000 sq ft. There are guys near me doing them for $199 under 3,000 sq ft. Lowballers :neutral:

I had this discussion today as well. Local guys here doing them for 250-275 plus free insurance inspections. If you are a FL inspector giving away your insurance inspections, I think you are either stupid, inexperienced or both.

Doing these inspections does take time. Just getting the basic permit info takes time. What is your time worth? Charge something please! Or if you like giving away over 20K a year, I will gladly take it from you.

We also have “bottom feeder” home inspection associations in Florida that only charge $75 for membership. :wink:

damn I must be losing out at a 100 dollars the year.good look at the tally of how much I spent at inspector outlet this year.last year.

Advertising is different then doing :slight_smile: that is likely my old site as I did not even know I advertises home inspection prices if I did one for that it would have to be a 1 BR 1 Bath and I see few of those. JUST GET THEM ON THE PHONE :slight_smile: I usually have some sort of “hook” to get their attention. I do few Written home inspections as I try to say about double what I think the average guy would say.

Something that next to never happens but is cheap. I do honor them when they do happen though.

Funny :wink:

Got a call from an agent today that wants me to do a Residential inspection at his cost. He had recommended an inspector that was on the “Rotation Call List” at the brokerage…and the inspection turned out to be a three page - no pictures - checklist inspection. Basically a piece of crap — They are trying to get refund - Must be an inspector from one of those other home inspection associations that Nick is referring to…hehehe

…you do realize you charge $50 less for a home inspection on a 4,000 structure than I charge for a 800sf condo?

Yep. Another new “bottom feeder” inspection association recently popped up in South Florida. $75 for membership. LOL

You guys should really take your prices off your websites. Replace it with why they should hire you. Give them a reason to call you. If I was price shopping, I already have my answer and don’t need to call you. MHO

I get calls and they don’t even ask the price. In fact, I just booked this one while writing this 1,138 sq ft, 1948, with crawl, $615.00. I feel for you guys in Florida.

Feels good to get that kind of inspection Frank, Great Job:D

Says the guy who pays 9.3% in state tax…

Oh, I get it — You must be a better inspector if you charge more

Maybe that explains why you have so much free time for the message board.