Insurance issues

Has anyone heard insurance companies will not longer write insurance on homes with flat roofs that are over 12-15 years old? Also learned one insurer will not write if shingle roof is over 15 years old.

You’ll soon learn that we can’t keep up with the seemingly random and arbitrary in-house rules many insurers (or underwriters) create or follow.
Every week I hear “…no policies with roofs over xyz years old…” or similar statements.


Not yet…but not surprising…
I wonder what will happen when the manufacturer who gives you a 30 year warranty has to replace a roof because the insurance company said so…

Now you know why wealthy people do not carry insurance on their homes…

Last time I checked, a bitumen roof was good for approximately 30 years and a 40 year architectural shingle roof was good for 25 years.

Isn’t that the truth!! What’s next-