Damaged Asphalt Shingles SW Florida

Just a quick review of Asphalt shingle damage in select areas, see photos. Climate is hot and humid good part of the year in SW Florida, definitely contributing to breakdown, although more then likely not the damaged asphalt shingles being currently discussed. 3-4 damaged shingles on roof, possibly from workers or overgrown shrubbery.
Although full roof walks and inspections of asphalt roof coverings are generally quite attainable here in our state, insurance companies make the inspection more challenging by asking to give older roof coverings, 15 years or more, a lifespan in order for the client to get homeowners insurance. If inspector deems 3 years or less, guess what? That’s right, you guessed it, a new roof!!! Of course, standards of practice do not require lifespans… Ok, go figure… As we speak some insurance companies are now asking for five years!


Looks like some kind of impact damage.

Yep, Dave, it looks like it needs some repair, not a completely new roof.

Was it located on a golf course?